The UNCP Educator Preparation Program uses Taskstream, a commercial electronic portfolio service, to collect work created over the course of your program of study.  Taskstream is used to collect specific artifacts students create in their classes, field placements, and student teaching or internship placements. These artifacts are required by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and are used as evidence to show that you are qualified to receive licensure to teach in North Carolina.  These artifacts will be used to create electronic files that are submitted to both state and national accreditation agencies to show that graduates from the UNCP Educator Preparation Program are proficient in all areas required for teacher licensure.

For Students:

The Taskstream fee ($25 per semester) is attached to a field experience course EDN 2040 or EDN 5460. 

  • Enrollment in this co-requisite automatically links the Taskstream fee to your UNCP tuition bill from the cashier’s office.  You will only be charged this fee one time each semester regardless of the number of classes you are taking.
  • At the beginning of the semester, the UNCP Taskstream coordinator will send the names and contact information for all UNCP students enrolled in education programs to Taskstream to activate accounts for one year.  
  • If you are NOT in either EDN 2040 OR EDN 5460 you will have to manually create a Taskstream account and pay a separate fee. Please see the instructions here.
  • If you find that you don’t have access, complete this the Taskstream Help Ticket form to set up your account or ask for any concerns.  You will be asked to provide your UNCP banner id number and your UNCP email address so your account can be created. 

Taskstream Help Ticket

Enroll in DRF's in Taskstream

  • A drf in Taskstream is a Directed Response Folio, and this is Taskstream language that means, ‘Here is the folder where I place my work.” 
  •  Each Taskstream drf has an enrollment code.  After you receive your Taskstream account, you will be able to enroll yourself into the correct drfs where you need to place your work.  
  • Once you have received your Taskstream membership, there is no additional purchase required for enrolling in drfs.  

Completion of all DRF Requirements

  • All components of the Taskstream portfolio must be submitted and evaluated to be recommended for licensure
  • Read the directions to make sure you submit your work to the correct individual

For assistance in using Taskstream, complete the form below and someone will get in touch.

Taskstream Help Ticket

For help directly from Taskstream, use the help button located in the top right hand portion of the Taskstream webpage or call 1-800-311-5656 or email help@taskstream.com.