Why Become a Teacher

Why do people teach? Reasons to become a teacher are as diverse as the subjects they plan to teach. Motives range from inspiration drawn from a favorite teacher of their own - to a sense of commitment to community or nation - to an intellectual fascination with a given discipline, such as English literature or the physical sciences.

But the most compelling reason to become a teacher is the desire to work with children. Some point to a \"calling,\" a yearning to help children learn, watch them grow, and make a meaningful difference in the world.

No doubt, the choice to become a teacher is a decision to make a significant impact on the future. The truth is, however, the profession is tremendously demanding - especially today. As new graduates become teachers, they are called upon to motivate dozens, in some cases, hundreds of students every day - teach an ever-expanding curriculum with little prep time - maintain order and promote a structured learning environment - keep up to date with a litany of administrative tasks - spend evenings and weekends grading papers and planning lessons - not to mention stay current with educational reforms and changes in the profession.

Watch that same hardworking, dedicated teacher say goodbye to a class at the end of term, however, and it is clear why they chose to become a teacher. Listen to that teacher lead a class in spirited debate, or reward a student who has worked hard to achieve greatness, and you see a professional who is utterly absorbed in creative, demanding, fulfilling work. Their spirit and passion answers our original question- Why become a teacher?

Source: How to Become a Teacher - A Complete Guide.