Praxis P.L.U.S.

Praxis P.L.U.S. was started with funding by the NASNTI Grant and Native Americans in Professional Education: Achieving Success.  UNCP's Academic Support Center now funds the Praxis P.L.U.S. Program!

Do I Have To Take PRAXIS Core Test?

Yes, you must pass the Praxis Core tests (Praxis Core Reading, Praxis Core Writing and Praxis Core Mathematics) in order to be admitted into UNCP's Teacher Education Program (Reading score: 156, Writing score: 162, Mathematics score: 150 or Cumulative score 468) EXCEPT if you have a four-year college degree(with a 2.7 GPA), if you have passed Praxis Core tests and received passing scores prior to August 19, 2014 OR if you have the following :

  • SAT score of 1100 (Verbal and Math only) prior to March 1, 2016, SAT score of 1170 taken after March 1, 2016 or ACT combined score of 24 - you do not have to take any of the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators tests.
  • SAT math score of 550 (prior to March 1, 2016), SAT match score of 570 (taken after March 1, 2016) or ACT math score of 24- you do NOT have to take the Praxis Core Mathematics test.
  • SAT verbal score of 550(prior to March 1, 2016), SAT reading and writing score of 600 (taken after March 2016) or ACT English test score of 24- you do NOT have to take the Praxis Core Reading or Praxis Core Writing tests.

How Does Praxis PLUS Work?

  • Tutors are Math, Reading, and Writing specialists
  • Tutoring is available as long as it is needed.

How can I start?

  • Follow the directions below to take the practice test via the Library's website
  • short cut where all you need to do is Log in & select your test:
  • If the above link doesn't work, below are a series of steps to get you to the same place
  • Go to the UNCP Library Webpage or click HERE
  • Click on Electronic resources
  • Click "L"
  • Scroll to "learning express library"
  • It will ask you to log in...register with your UNCP login and pw (it's easier)
  • Middle "All Centers" drop down menu select "Career Center"
  • Select "Prepare for Occupational exam" (Icon towards bottom right)
  • On the left, choose "Prepare for an Occupation Exam", then choose Teaching (at the very bottom)
  • Select "Prepare for Praxis Core Tests" 
  • On the right you'll see 4 practice tests for math, 4 for reading & 4 for writing.
  • Complete 1 of each (1-Math, 1-Reading and 1-Writing)
  • Send us the results when you complete it to

Who Are We?

Mr. Lewis Adams

Program Supervisor
Phone: 910.775.4538

As the Program Supervisor, Lewis overseas the tutors and schedules the tutoring sessions.  Lewis is from Lilesville, North Carolina, which is approximately 60 miles West from UNCP. Lewis is a graduate of UNCP's MBA program.  Lewis enjoys staying active, working out and participating in outdoor activities.

To learn more about Praxis see Praxis l Information

To register online, you must have your credit or debit card.

Go to the ETS Praxis site 

What Are Others Saying?

Praxis P.L.U.S. Ratings

Students who complete the program are asked to fill out an exit survey, which allows us to monitor the effectiveness of the program. Also, the exit survey contains a comment section where students are able to offer suggestions or advice on how the program can be enhanced.

  • 70% of the students who completed the Praxis P.L.U.S. Program's exit survey rated the program as excellent 
  • 25% of the students who completed the Praxis P.L.U.S. Program's exit survey rated the program as very good
  • 5% of the students who completed the Praxis P.L.U.S. Program's exit survey rated the program as fair

Letter from a student...


I would like to take a moment to express to the respected audience how beneficial the Praxis Plus program was and has been for me. Once I learned of the program and the benefits, I was immediately interested. A special thanks to Ms. Amy Oxendine in the Education Department for informing me about this program.

I had taken the Praxis test in the spring and missed the passing score by 2 points. I signed up for the Praxis Program and began tutoring. My tutor worked with me, explaining to me various ways to look at the questions,to be able to recognize any and all test taking tactics that I may need to do well on the test. After tutoring for a few weeks, I rescheduled a test and repeated only the reading portion, and I surpassed the North Carolina passing score by 2 points, bringing my grand total to a 524. After passing the test I decided to go ahead and take the Praxis || test, while I still felt confident with all that I felt my tutor had taught me. I needed to make a 155 on the 155 on the Praxis ||, I scored a 169; 14 point above the passing score!

I feel 100% confident that it is due to the Praxis Plus program that I was not only able to pass the test(s) but I was able to score abundantly above the requirements for the state of NC. Now thanks to passing those two tests in the time frame that I did, I was able to being teaching with the Public Schools of Robeson County in August

I am very thankful to the employees and staff of UNCP and those affiliated with the Praxis Plus program and the Education Program.

Thank you,