Licensure Only

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction issues licenses to teach in the public schools. Individuals who already possess a baccalaureate degree must satisfy individually determined requirements for licensure based on previous study and professional experiences. Candidates must apply to UNCP and must have earned a degree from a regionally accredited college or university. In determining requirements for licensure-only candidates, consideration will be given to alternative means of demonstrating the knowledge and competencies for licensure. Licensure-only students are subject to the same Teacher Education Program admission and continuation regulations as degree seeking students. Additional information is available from the School of Education. 

Licensure-only candidates who have an overall Quality Point Average (QPA) of 2.7 at the time the degree was awarded may request a Plan of Study (POS) that is developed based upon his/her educational background and intended licensure area. Official transcripts from each institution attended must accompany the request. Based upon review of the transcript(s) by the School of Education Licensure Office and the appropriate program coordinator, a Plan of Study is developed. Upon successful completion of the prescribed POS, the student may apply for licensure recommendation from The University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

In order for licensure-only students to take courses at UNCP, the candidate must complete a Request for a Plan of Study Form located under Student Forms, or from the School of Education Licensure Office.

The Regional Alternative Licensing Centers were created by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) specifically to help lateral entry teachers in North Carolina achieve full licensure. The centers will assist teaching candidates by evaluating their applications, prescribing a course of study, recommending requirements they need in order to receive full licensure and clearing the license so that they become fully licensed. Candidates can take the required coursework at any of the state’s colleges or universities. Another option available for licensure-only students is to have a Plan of Study developed by one of North Carolina’s Regional Alternative Licensure Centers (RALCs). The Plan of Study includes a list of competency areas that the candidate must fulfill to clear his/her license. Upon completion of the specified requirements, the candidate may be recommended for licensure by the RALC. Students who enroll in courses with a RALC plan of study will not be eligible for financial aid through UNC Pembroke.  Candidates who have a Plan of Study through RALC will not be eligible for licensure recommendation from UNC Pembroke. Candidates should contact their Local Education Agency (LEA) when they are ready to clear their license. The center closest to our region is located in Fayetteville, NC, located near the Cumberland County Board of Education. You can contact the site coordinator at Fayetteville Regional Alternative Licensing Center, Post Office Box 2357; Fayetteville, NC 28302. The telephone number is 910.483.1495.  The Regional Alternative Licensure Center’s website is