The UNCP Teacher Education Program uses Taskstream, a commercial electronic portfolio service, to collect work created over the course of your program of study.  Taskstream is used to collect specific artifacts students create in their classes, field placements, and student teaching or internship placements. These artifacts are required by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and are used as evidence to show that you are qualified to receive licensure to teach in North Carolina.  These artifacts will be used to create electronic files that are submitted to both state and national accreditation agencies to show that graduates from the UNCP Teacher Education Program are proficient in all areas required for teacher licensure.

For Students:

To access Taskstream/Watermark through the UNCP School of Education Taskstream fee:

During the Spring 2018 semester, the UNCP Board of Trustees approved a student fee to cover the costs of using Taskstream.  This fee is $25 and is collected each Fall and Spring semester.  This fee is attached to a field experience class (EDN 2040 at the undergrad level and EDN 5460 at the grad level) as well as several other classes you may be taking.  You will notice that this field experience class is a required co-requisite when you register for courses required for your licensure area.  Enrollment in this co-requisite automatically links the Taskstream fee to your UNCP tuition bill from the cashier’s office.  You will only be charged this fee one time regardless of the number of classes you are taking.

The UNCP Taskstream coordinator (Mary Klinikowski) will send the names and contact information for all UNCP students enrolled in education programs to Taskstream.  These students will then receive an email directly from Taskstream explaining how to set up the account.  Each account is activated for a period of one academic year, usually August of one year until August of the next, so accounts will still be accessible over the summer.

If you find that you don’t have access, please email Mary Klinikowski (mary.klinikowski@uncp.edu) to ask for access.  You will be asked to provide your UNCP banner id number and your UNCP email address so your account can be created.

Inactive Accounts

If you already have a Taskstream account but your time has run out, your account will be considered inactive by Taskstream.  UNCP faculty will still be able to view your work even if your account is inactive.  You do not have to renew your account once it has become inactive if you have completed all Taskstream requirements for all your classes and for licensure purposes.  If you have NOT completed all requirements, you will have to renew your account!  This process will require paying the fee mentioned previously.

If you were working in your own Taskstream account and not in the UNCP site license, then you will need to switch over to the UNCP site license.  Please email Mary Klinikowski (mary.klinikowski@uncp.edu) to ask for the switch to be made.  You will need to provide your UNCP ID number and your UNCP email address for the switch.

Once Taskstream is informed you need an account, they will send you an email with instructions to set up your login username and password.  You will use this to log into the Taskstream main page prior to entering any course or School of Education Taskstream pages or drfs.

Enroll in DRF's in Taskstream

A drf in Taskstream is a Directed Response Folio, and this is Taskstream language that means, ‘Here is the folder where I place my work.” 

 Each Taskstream drf has an enrollment code.  After you receive your Taskstream account, you will be able to enroll yourself into the correct drfs where you need to place your work.  When you log into your Taskstream account, scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see an area (usually a yellow box) where you can enter the correct enrollment code for your particular program.  Please enroll in all required drfs for your program with the correct enrollment codes.  You will get these enrollment codes from the program coordinator in your licensure area or from your EDN 2100 or EDN 5040 instructors.

At the beginning of your undergraduate program of study, you will need to be enrolled in one drf, the Unit Wide Undergraduate EPP Admissions Fall 2018 (Checkpoint 1) drf.  In this folder, you will complete all the requirements to be admitted to the UNC Pembroke Teacher Education Program.  When you get the enrollment code from your undergraduate program coordinator or EDN 2100 instructor, you will enroll and then view and complete the requirements that you have to submit. 

This drf is shown with a date of Fall 2018 because that is the date this drf began to be used.  It has nothing to do with the date you are working in Taskstream.

Later in your plan of study, you will be instructed to enroll in additional drfs. These include your Internship Admissions and Checkpoints (2) drf, (where admissions requirements for the professional semester are located).  When you get this enrollment code from your undergraduate program coordinator or MAT director, you will enroll and then view and complete the requirements that you have to submit.

This drf also contains all the evaluations that must be completed during the professional or internship semester.  These include the internship observation forms, the midpoint and final student teaching evaluations, a dispositions form, and several exit surveys.

You will also receive an enrollment code for the Seminar drf (where seminar evaluations are located). All interns are required to attend several seminar presentations throughout the internship semester.  Do not enroll in this drf until instructed to by your program coordinator or by Mrs. K.

Graduate students have a similar procedure at the beginning of their graduate program of study.  All graduate students enrolled in an MA or MAeD or MAT (prior to July 1, 2019) program must enroll in the Unit Wide Graduate Assessment Requirements drf.  In this folder, you will post all the requirements needed to show completion of Advanced Licensure components from the UNC Pembroke Teacher Education Program.  When you get the enrollment code from your graduate program director, you will enroll and then view and complete the requirements that you have to submit.

There will be a new drf for the MAT program beginning in July 2019.

MSA students also have a similar procedure, enrolling in the UNCP MSA Internship ePortfolio drf, and posting all requirements needed to demonstrate the achievement of the advanced MSA licensure program.  There are 2 different MSA drfs, one for the traditional on-campus group of students and another for those enrolled through the Sandhills RESA program.

You may also be instructed to enroll in other drfs over the semesters you are enrolled in the UNCP Teacher Education Program.  This information will come from your program coordinator or director.

Once you have received your Taskstream membership, there is no additional purchase required for enrolling in drfs.  All enrollment codes will be given to you when you are required to enroll in specific drfs.


Completion of all DRF Requirements

It is imperative that you understand the importance of completing all requirements posted in Taskstream for all drfs you enroll in.  You cannot be recommended for licensure until all these requirements have been met. 

Occasionally, you may find that you have submitted your work, but your professor may not have graded the work in Taskstream before the end of the semester.  Please maintain an open line of communication with your professors to remind them of your submitted work so it can be graded.  We cannot process your application for licensure until all Taskstream work is both submitted and graded.

Submission of Assignments in Taskstream

Embedded in the instructions for all assignments in Taskstream, you should find the name of the person you should submit the assignment to.  For example, assignments for your program area ePortfolio will probably be submitted to your program coordinator or to a course instructor.  Assignments during your internship could be submitted to your university supervisor or your program coordinator.  It is your responsibility to find out who you need to submit each assignment to.  Assignments from the Seminar drf will be submitted to Nicky Bullard.  Please follow instructions carefully regarding submissions.  This will prevent many problems with If you submit an assignment to the wrong person, you can cancel your submission and then re-submit to the correct person.  You must simply click on your submission and then you should see a ‘cancel submission’ button on the upper right of the screen.

When you submit documents in Taskstream, please scan a multi-page document into 1 finished document, not multiple pagesIf you take pictures, please paste them into a word document in the order that they should logically appear.  You may want to find an app, such as Tiny Scanner or CamScanner to do this.  Please make sure your documents are readable (not blurry), cropped, and rotated so they can be easily opened, utilized, and evaluated.

Please title and save these documents with your name, licensure area, and brief title of what the document represents.  For example; Mary Klinikowski, secondary math, midpoint dispositions self- evaluation, OR Mary Klinikowski, secondary math, transcript.  This will save everyone a lot of time. If documents are not submitted in this format, they will be returned to you for corrections.

Questions about Taskstream/Watermark

If there are questions or you find that Taskstream is not behaving as it should, please contact Mrs. Mary Klinikowski also known at Mrs. K (521-6417) at mary.klinikowski@uncp.edu. Her office is room 112 in the Education Center.

Please refer to the specific drf you are having trouble with and your full name and licensure area when you contact Mrs. K.  Explain as much about the problem as possible.  Mrs. K can help with making sure students and faculty are enrolled in the correct drfs and checking to see if work is visible, submitted properly, and evaluated properly.  If errors are made in submitting documents or evaluating work, Mrs. K can cancel the submissions and evaluations and return work to the student or faculty member.  However, due to the sheer number of drfs and students, Mrs. K cannot help you unless you provide your full name, licensure area and drf title.

If you are unsure exactly which drfs you should be enrolled in, then please contact your program area coordinator or your advisor.  Mrs. K won’t have that information.  All program coordinators have a list of enrollment codes.

For help directly from Taskstream, use the help button located in the top right hand portion of the Taskstream webpage or call 1-800-311-5656 or email help@taskstream.com.

When you call Taskstream directly, they will ask for your user name and an explanation of the problem so they can take a look and help you solve your problem.  They will not be looking at your work or evaluations within the drfs, only at possible software issues.  In the past, students and faculty have called Taskstream when there were problems that included work that disappeared or problems with the submission and evaluation procedures when Taskstream functions are not behaving as they should be.  Sometimes students submit work into the wrong drf and Taskstream can help the student move work to the correct drf.