Advisory Boards

Board of Business Advisors

The Dean's Board of Business Advisors (BBA) brings the UNCP School of Business and the School's constituents closer to one another. Board members are business and government leaders who provide the Dean of the School of Business with advice on the changing educational needs of business graduates and the role of the School in the community.

The primary purposes of the Dean's Board of Business Advisors are:

(1) to advise the School of Business on how to make an increasingly greater impact;

(2) to promote the School and its Centers to the School’s constituents (students, faculty, administration, alumni, area business, and the community at large); and

(3) to enhance the working relationship between the School and its constituents by providing feedback and soliciting support, financial resources, and partnerships necessary to meet mutual School and constituent needs.

Student Advisory Board

The purpose of the Student Advisory Boards shall be to act as a liaison between the students and the School‚s faculty and administrators in order to create a better learning environment within the School of Business. In that capacity, the Student Advisory Board will meet monthly with the Dean of the School, and with the Assistant Dean as necessary.

The Student Advisory Board will

(1) keep the School of Business and its programs closely attuned to the needs of current and future UNC Pembroke students and more specifically those majoring in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) and Bachelor of Accounting (BSA), and

(2) assist in ensuring the programs and activities of the School of Business are productive and of high quality.