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Spring 2018

Spring 2018 Honors Courses

Honors Seminars:

•HON 1510-900: Contemporary Issues in Science and Technology  L. Holmes MWF 10:10-11:00 CRN: 21021 (Substitutes for one course in Natural Science Division)

•HON 2010-900: The Humanistic Tradition II: From 1500 to the Contemporary Age  J. Geller TR 12:30-1:45 CRN: 21029 (Substitutes for one course in Arts and Humanities Division Elective)

•HON 2750-900: The Individual in Society  M. Milewicz MWF 9:05-9:55 CRN: 21030 (Substitutes for one course in Social Science Division)

•HON 4000-900: Research Methods and Prospectus  T. Decker (online) CRN: 21031

•HON 4500-900: Honors Thesis/Project  T. Decker (online) CRN: 21033

•*HON 4990-900: Honors Independent Study  M. Milewicz (online) CRN: 21034

Discipline-Specific Honors Courses:

•ENG 1060-900: Composition II (S. Hicks MWF 11:15-12:05) CRN: 20951. Service-Learning

•ENG 1060-901: Composition II (T. Decker TR 9:30-10:45) CRN: 20952. Service-Learning

•ENG 1060-902: Composition II (T. Decker TR 2:00-3:15) CRN: 20953. Service-Learning

•ENG 2020-900: Contemporary Literature (M. Fazio TR 12:30-1:45) CRN: 21125. Service-Learning

•SOC 2090-900: Social Problems (B. Kelly TR 12:30-1:45) CRN: 20618. Service-Learning

•THE 2500-900: Introduction to Theatre (J. Drahos TR 3:30-4:45) CRN: 21142

•MUS 1040-900: Jazz Appreciation (A. Vandermeer TR 11:00-12:15) CRN: 21346

*Honors Independent Study (HON 4990) requires an Instructor Override. Please contact in order to request an override.