FAQ- Enrichment as pathway to MAT programs

                                        Frequently Asked Questions

 Students Accepted as Enrichment Students prior to beginning a teacher preparation program

1. Why am I being encouraged to be an enrichment student? Students applying to teacher preparation programs at UNCP must have a 2.75 undergraduate GPA or 2.65 for conditional admission. Students with undergraduate GPAs below 2.65 are offered an alternate pathway to admission as an enrichment student. As an enrichment student seeking admission into a teacher preparation program, you will take one education course as recommended by the Program Director. With a grade of “B” or better, you can apply for admission to a degree-seeking graduate program.

NOTE: Some programs have specific prerequisite content course requirements. See information on all specific program requirements here.  

2. Can I get my residency licensure form signed as an enrichment student? The UNCP Licensure Office will not sign off on your residency licensure form until you are admitted to the degree-seeking program/education preparation program (EPP). Therefore, you cannot get your form signed until you complete your enrichment class, are accepted as a degree-seeking student, and register for classes.

3. What happens after I complete my enrichment class? As you near the end of your enrichment course, you should apply as a degree-seeking student to your program of interest. Completing a new application requires paying a new application fee. However, if you sign up for a Teach NC account BEFORE applying as a degree-seeking student,  you could be eligible for application fee reimbursement through Teach NC. Sign up for an account and find out more about Teach NC here.

For your new application, you will NOT need to send new transcripts, but you will need to include the names of two recommenders that will complete a recommendation for you and provide a statement of purpose/teaching philosophy as part of the application process.

4. Does the course I take as an enrichment student count towards my MAT degree? The enrichment course you take should count towards your degree-seeking program. Check degree requirements for your program here to ensure the course is part of the degree-seeking program.

5. What are my options for paying for the course? Non-degree-seeking students are not eligible for financial aid (which are student loans). There are two options for paying for classes:

                a. Pay out of pocket. Information about paying out of pocket can be found here.

                b. Pay using a payment plan. Information about payment plans can be found here. The options    for setting up a payment plan can be found in your Braveweb Student Account Center