Political Science and Public Administration

Nicholas Giannatasio, PH.D.

Nicholas GiannatasioNicholas A. Giannatasio

Ph.D., Professor 
Political Science and Public Administration
Email: nicholas.giannatasio@uncp.edu


  • PH.D. in Public Administration, 
    1997 Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Newark, NJ Dissertation: The Essence of Decision Making: 
    The Utility of Decision Models and Decision Techniques in Public Administration
  • Master of Public Administration (MPA), 
    1994 Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Newark, NJ
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (BA), 
    1979 The City University of New York, The College of Staten Island, Staten Island, NY
  • Professional Nurse (RN) 
    1978 St. Vincent's Medical Center of Richmond, Staten Island, NY


  • Graduate Level--Program in Health Administration

    Comparative Health Systems
    Health Administration and Organization
    Health Policy
    Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care
    Trends in Health Care Delivery in the United States 
    Budget and Finance
    Quantitative and Qualitative Tools for Managers
    Leadership and Administration
    Administrative Law
    Advanced Public Administration
    Research Methods
    Independent Study
    Thesis Advisor

University Experience

  • 1997-1998 Assistant Professor, University of North Dakota
    Grand Forks, North Dakota 
    Taught graduate and undergraduate classes in the Political Science Department and the Master of Public Administration Program.  Director of the Public Sector Research Institute.
  • 1998-2000 Assistant Professor, University of NC at Pembroke
    Pembroke, North Carolina 
    Taught graduate and undergraduate courses in Political Science and Public Administration
  • 2001-2007 Director of the Master in Public Administration Program, Associate Professor
    University of North Carolina at Pembroke
    Pembroke, North Carolina 
    I was instrumental in developing the MPA program into the signature program that it is today.  With 288 students, it is the largest program of its kind in the Southeastern region of the country.
  • 2006-2010 Chair and Professor, Department of Political Science and Public Administration 
    University of North Carolina at Pembroke
    Pembroke, North Carolina 
    Chair of a department that houses a graduate program; and, we are currently applying for the “request” to plan a Ph.D. in Public Administration.
  • 2010-2016 Professor, Department of Public Administration 
    University of North Carolina at Pembroke
    Pembroke, North Carolina

Public Service Experience

  • 1999-2002 Chairman, Board of Adjustment

    Oak Island, North Carolina 
    Appointed to a three-year term by the Town Council and elected chair by the members of the Board of Adjustment--a quasi-judicial board that decides variances to the town’s building ordinances.

  • 1997 Director of Research
    NJ Department of Human Services
    Responsible for the development, implementation, and management of research and data analysis strategies and initiatives related to human services’ policy.  Reported on the effects of policy and planning issues and the impact on the department’s activities and the manner in which the department should use its resources.  Prepared proposals, grant applications, and concept papers for special projects and demonstrations.  Provided technical assistance and expertise on human services research and policy and planning evaluation techniques to state and local agencies and organizations.  Represented the Office of Policy and Planning and the Department of Human Services at internal and external meetings by preparing and presenting quantitative and qualitative results of policy analysis and its development and impact on state and local agencies.  Responded to general public inquiries regarding matters related to the Department of Human Services’ research initiatives and results.  Maintained the research data base, distributed policy and planning research and data analysis materials and documents, and maintained a library of research documentation as well as served as a human services’ information source to the department staff. 

  • 1988 - 1996 Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital 
    Assistant CEO, 1994-1997 - Aided the CEO in the administration of day-to-day and “crisis” intervention activities.  Initiated resolutions to problems and followed through with the solution after consultation with the CEO.  Set goals for staff that incorporated a hospital-wide view so that actions are globally beneficial.  Assisted the CEO in the decision process.  Composed internal and external correspondence to facilitate smooth internal operation and liaison activity with the division and the department.  Assured that the hospital is prepared for all survey agenda, including HCFA, PMR, and JCAHO.  In the capacity of Standards Compliance Coordinator, a utilitarian knowledge of all applicable standards was necessary.
    Quality Assurance Coordinator, 1993-94 - Supervised the Utilization Review Department.  Acted as the Quality Assurance Director in the Director’s absence.  Utilized computer programs for Quality Assessment and Improvement indicator’s management.  Provided feedback to hospital discipline heads regarding the use of control graphs, and Q.A.&I. data and survey instruments for performance improvement.
    Administrator, Dept. of Psychiatry, 1990-93 -  Performed all administrative functions for the Department of Psychiatry.  Liaison between the Treatment Teams and the Medical Director.  Furthermore, acted as intermediary between the CPC and UMDNJ psychiatrists and administration.  Initiated a “Triage” report to track the daily progress of patient management problems.  Developed a department driven quality assurance indicator for the suicidal patient.  Prepared the Psychiatry Department for all survey activity.
    Program Coordinator, 1988-90 - Supervised the operation of a long-term crisis stabilization unit, through a matrix management model, incorporating  psychiatric, medical, social, and rehabilitative care to an intractable patient population. Worked closely with the Treatment Team and family members to facilitate a continuum of patient care.  Developed a reentry program to ease patients back into the general population.

  • 1969-1973 United States Navy

Private Sector Experience

  • 1982-88   Richmond Kidney Center, NY
    Administrator - Operated a hospital based and free-standing, hospital-affiliated renal dialysis center.  Responsible for all aspects of running a proprietary health-care facility, including staffing, maintenance, repairs, payroll, purchasing, survey preparation, staff development, profit/loss accountability, venture initiatives, budgeting and planning, fiscal reporting, quality assessment and improvement, customer relations, billing, MIS, Medicare, Medicaid and other third party liaison activities.
  • 1978-82  Registered Professional Nurse - Operating Room
    St. Vincent’s  Medical Center of Richmond, NY

Publications (Peer Reviewd Articles)

  • Whicker, Marcia, and Giannatasio, Nicholas.  1996.   “The Politics of Military Base Closings: A New Theory of Influence.”  Public Administration and Management, Vol. 1. No. 1.
  • Giannatasio, Nicholas A.  1997.  “The Mother of All Retreats: A Critical Analysis of General H. Norman Schwartzkoph and the Persian Gulf War.” The International Journal of Public Administration. Vol. 20, No. 7.
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  • Giannatasio, Nicholas A.  2000.  “Decision Making Techniques at the Grass Roots Level.” Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting, and Financial Management. Vol.13, No. 1, Spring 2001.
  • Giannatasio, Nicholas A.  2001.  “Worms and Coffee: Municipal Consolidation in the South.”  Public Administration Quarterly.  Vol. 25, No. 1, Spring 2001. 
  • Giannatasio, Nicholas A.  2002.  Book Review: Rethinking Democratic Accountability, by Robert D. Behn.  The American Review of Public Administration.  Vol. 32, No. 2, June, 2002.
  • Giannatasio, Nicholas A.  2004.  Book Review: The New Public Service, by Denhardt and Denhardt.  The American Review of Public Administration.  Vol. 34, No. 2, June, 2004.
  • Giannatasio, Nicholas A.  2005.  “The Discretionary Function Exemption: Legislation and Case Law.”  Public Administration Quarterly. Vol. 29, No. 1, Spring 2005.

Publications (Book Chapters)

  • Giannatasio, Nicholas A. 1998. “Herbert Simon,” in Holzer, Marc and Halachmi, Arie (eds.) The Encyclopedia of Public Administration, New York: Marcel Dekker.
  • Giannatasio, Nicholas A. 1998. “The Great Society,” in Holzer, Marc and Halachmi, Arie (eds.) The Encyclopedia of Public Administration, New York: Marcel Dekker.
  • Giannatasio, Nicholas A.  1998.  “Threats to Validity in Experimental and Quasi -Experimental Research Designs,” in Whicker, M. and Miller, G. (eds.)  Handbook of Research Methods in Public Administration.  New York: Marcel Dekker.

Publications (Peer Reviewed Articles) accepted, awaiting publication

  • “A Value at Risk Analysis of State and Local Government Pension Funds,” submitted to State and Local Government Review. Co-authored with William Albrecht and Hanarong Shamsub.
  • “Threats to Validity in Experimental and Quasi -Experimental Research Designs,” in Whicker, M. and Miller, G. (eds.) Handbook of Research Methods in Public Administration.  Second Edition and update New York: Marcel Dekker.


  • September, 1995 Panel Chair and Discussant at the American Political Science Conference, Chicago, “Policy Evaluation and          Assessment.”
  • November, 1995 Discussant at Northeastern Political Science Conference, Newark, “Theory Development in Public Policy and Public Administration.”
  • March, 1996 Co-Presenter at the Western Political Science Association Conference, San Francisco, “The Contract with America; Detrimental to Woman and Children.”
  • November, 1996 Presenter at the Northeastern Political Science Association Conference, Boston, “The Hereditary Class: America’s Political Nobility and the Co-Opting of Public Administration.”
  • November, 1998 Discussant at the National Center for Public Productivity, Newark, “Citizen-Driven Government Performance.”
  • March, 1999 Discussant at the North Carolina Political Science Association Conference, Buies Creek, “State and Local Politics.”
  • April, 2000 Presenter at the American Society of Public Administration’s, National Conference, San Diego, “Worms and Coffee: Municipal Consolidation in the South.”
  • March, 2001 Presenter at American Society of Public Administration’s, National Conference, Newark, New Jersey, “The Discretionary Function Exemption, Legislation and Case Law."
  • October, 2003 Paper presented at The South Eastern Conference of Public Administration (SECOPA), Savannah, Georgia “State and Local Government Pension Funds: A Value at Risk Analysis.”


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