Political Science and Public Administration

Carole Graham, JD

Carole GrahamCarole Graham

JD and Lecturer 
Undergraduate Advisement Coordinator
Political Science 
Office: Oxendine Science Building, Room 1305 
Email: carole.graham@uncp.edu
Phone: 910.522.5788
Fax: 910.521.6446

PLS 1010-800 & 801 Ms. Carole Graham, JD

There is one required textbook for this course:

Selected Material from American Democracy Now, 3rd Edition by Harrison, Harris and Deardorff.  As the title indicates, this textbook is comprised of selected chapters from American Democracy Now, 3rd Edition, which is published by McGraw-Hill.

Our “version” of the textbook, bundled with McGraw-Hill Connect access (an online program discussed below), is available from the UNCP bookstore.    
 The ISBN number assigned to our textbook (9781259143410) is unique; therefore our “version” of the textbook is probably not available from outside textbook sellers.  You can find more information about the full version of the textbook here

  • Buying the wrong textbook from a seller other than the UNCP Bookstore is NOT a valid excuse for missing assignment deadlines.

Registration for Connect is required 

Connect is a companion website created and maintained by McGraw-Hill, the publisher of our textbook.  While Connect is integrated with Blackboard, you must register for Connect and synchronize it with Blackboard in order to access certain assignments in this course. 

  • To register for Connect, Click on the green “Connect” button on the left hand side of the Blackboard page for our course
  • Then click on “Go to my Connect section”, which is located at the top left hand side of the page
  • Follow the registration instructions listed on the page
  • FYI - An e-book version of the text is available through Connect

Notes about Connect Registration: 

  • Visit the Connect Success Academy for answers to frequently asked question regarding Connect registration. 
  • Additional help is available from Connect Customer Support
  • I am not able to fix any registration issues you might have with Connect (for example, your access code does not work).  Please contact Connect Customer Support for assistance.
  • It is your responsibility to successfully register for Connect as soon as possible.

If you purchased a used textbook without a Connect access code, don’t worry!  Follow the Connect registration instructions listed above, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and then click “How to buy access online”.

Required Book for FALL 2012 Semester

PLS 2170-001 Judicial Process and Behavior

Title:  Judicial Process: Law, Courts, and Politics in the United States, 6th Edition

Authors:  David W. Neubauer - University of New Orleans 
Stephen S. Meinhold - University of North Carolina at Wilmington 

ISBN-10: 1111357560  
ISBN-13: 9781111357566 

544 Pages  Paperback 

©2013     Published by Wadsworth Cengage Learning
An e-book version of the text is also available
Click here for textbook publisher website
Click here for UNCP Bookstore


Optional Book:

MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (7th edition) 

Pages: xxii + 292 pp. 
Published: March 2009 
ISBN: 9781603290241 (paperback) 
ISBN: 9781603290258 (large print)


Undergraduate (View undergraduate course descriptions - from UNCP Catalog)

  • PLS 1010:  Introduction to American Government
    Syllabus (Requires Microsoft Word)

  • PLS 1010:  800 & 801 Introduction to American Government
    Online Course
    Syllabus (PDF - requires Adobe Reader)


  • PLS  2170:  Judicial Process and Behavior
    Syllabus (PDF - requires Adobe Reader)


  • PLS 2170 Writting Assignment (PDF - requires Adobe Reader)

  • PLSS  3270:  Law School Preparation
    Syllabus (PDF - requires Adobe Reader) 
  • PLSS  3290:  The Supreme Court
    Syllabus (PDF - requires Adobe Reader) 
  • PLS  3030:  Political Thought
  • PLS 3100:  Constitutional Law
    Syllabus (PDF - requires Adobe Reader)
  • PLS  3110:  Constitutional Law of Individual and Equal Rights
    Syllabus (Requires Microsoft Word)
  • PLS  3120:  Law of Criminal Procedure
    Syllabus PDF - requires Adobe Reader)

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