Student Resources

Resources for Student Success

Clinical Learning Center (CLC)

The clinical learning center (CLC) is a great place to perfect those psychomotor and critical thinking skills.  Simulated learning experiences allow students the opportunity to apply the nursing process and sharpen their clinical reasoning and leadership skills.  Visit the CLC website for more information. 

Learning Enhancement Center (LEC)

There are several services available to enhance student success through the Department of Nursing's Learning Enhancement Center (LEC).  Explore the opportunities available now. 

Discover Nursing:  Living, Learning, Leading Community (DNL3C)

The Discover Nursing:  Living, Learning, Leading Community (DNL3C) is an on-campus residential learning community for all levels of nursing majors.  This program allows students to live, network, and study together in an engaging and supportive academic and social environment.  Check out the DNL3C website for more information.

Academic Support Center

The Academic Support Center is committed to student success by offering such programs as:  H.A.W.K. Alert Program, Academic Resource Mentors (ARMS), tutoring programs, supplemental instruction and the resource learning lab.  Take a moment to explore these programs in more detail by visiting their website.