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    Piedmont Natural Gas has restored service to campus this evening. As a result of the work performed today there will be detours on Faculty Row for both vehicles and pedestrians. Please use extreme caution and do not attempt to go around the barricades.

    Facilities and Piedmont Natural Gas personnel will continue working with the natural gas infrastructure on campus throughout the week. Service disruption is not anticipated, but could be possible. This work is being performed to make every effort to maintain a safe and healthy campus environment. 

    Dining services will resume standard operations for Sunday, January 22. We appreciate your patience today and apologize for any inconvenience.


Four Year Plan of Study

The RIBN Plan of Study is considered a draft until the student meets with the Student Success Advocate.  At this meeting, the student will create an individual four year plan.  The four year plan will outline courses that are needed to graduate by following the RIBN Pathway.  Students enrolled through RIBN will have preferred admission to the community college and UNCP's nursing program.


The first year of the program is spent completing prerequisite courses at the community college.  The second and third year are spent in the ADN (nursing) program at the community college.  After the third year, students are eligible to take the NCLEX.  The fourth year is spent at UNCP to complete the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.  A sample four year plan can be viewed by clicking the link below:

Click here for a sample four year plan of study!