Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  How is the RIBN path different than a typical two year or four year path?


The RIBN program allows students to graduate with an associates and bachelors degree in only four years.  Students will begin working toward their bachelors during the first year of the program while they are primarily enrolled at the community college.  The students will have a reduced out-of-pocket expense with the RIBN program than if the student got a traditional four-year degree.


Question:  If I already have a degree, can I still apply to RIBN?


RIBN is geared for students with no degree and it is a very structured program.  Students with an associates or bachelors degree should look into the traditional programs at the community colleges and the RN-BSN program at UNCP.


Question:  What financial aid is available for RIBN students?


Our students are highly encouraged to apply for the FELS loan program during their senior year of high school.  This ensures that our students have this funding for all four years.  However, students may apply for FELS at any time during the program.  Students are also eligible for any grants or scholarships that they qualify for.


Question:  I already have some college credits.  Can I be exempt from some of the general education courses?


Possibly.  To receive the bachelors degree from UNCP, a certain number of credit hours must be awarded by UNCP.  While these credits may count toward your degrees, you must take the required number of courses through UNCP in order to be eligible for the degree.  All students must begin the program in “Year 1” of the four year plan.


Question:  Can I apply to other nursing programs?


Yes.  If you are accepted into RIBN, you already have acceptance to the UNCP Nursing Program and the Community College Nursing Program.  This acceptance is contingent upon remaining eligible to participate in RIBN and there being a seat available in the program.  Students are encouraged to apply to other nursing programs and/or universities in the event that they are not accepted into RIBN.


Question:  Who can I contact with more questions or to receive more information?

Please contact the SouthCentral RIBN Student Success Advocate, James Crouch at 910.775.4146 or