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Jazz & Commercial Track


The Jazz & Commercial Track of the Music Business degree program is designed for students wishing to pursue career opportunities based on Jazz or related forms of American music such as Gospel, R&B or popular music. 


Music Industry:

  1. •MUS 3500 - The Music Industry

  2. •MUS 3530 - The Recording Industry


  1. •MUS 3580 - Audio Production

  2. •MUS 3670 - Studio Techniques

  3. •MUS 3800 - Media Integration

  4. •MUS 4580 - Media Integration Production


  1. •ENTR 2000 - Innovation

  2. •ENTR 2100 - Growth and Sustainability

  3. •ENTR 4000 - Planning and Strategy

Music Theory:

  1. •Standard four semester sequence with associated lab section

  2. •MUS 3460 - Jazz Composition

Music History:

  1. •MUS 1040 - Jazz Appreciation

  2. •MUS 1060 - Rhythm and Rock

  3. •MUS 2930 - World Music:  Classical to the Contemporary Era

Private Instruction: 

  1. •Semesters 1 - 3:  Students take one hour private lessons each week on their primary instrument/voice

  2. •Semesters 4 - 7:  Students split their private lesson time each week between private instruction on their primary instrument and improvisation lessons. 

  3. •The Senior Recital will demonstrate a program representative of a student’s Private Instruction.

Major Ensemble:

  1. •The Jazz Ensemble or Jazz Combo count as the major ensemble for instrumentalists, while Jazz Choir serves as the major ensemble for vocalists.  Seven semesters are required.  Students also have the opportunity to perform in several secondary ensembles each semester.

Piano Proficiency:  

  1. •Students must demonstrate basic proficiencies on the keyboard.  We offer courses in Class Piano and Private Instruction in order to prepare students to complete these requirements.

General Education: 

  1. •General Education requirements are identical for all undergraduate degree programs at UNCP.  Students take courses in English, Physical Education, Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences & Math, and two elective courses. 

Academic Electives: 

  1. •Academic Electives are courses outside the discipline of music designed to round out a student’s educational experience according to their interests.