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Mathematics and Computer Science
Mathematics and Computer Science

Mission Statement: Graduate Mathematics Education Program

Mission Statement

The graduate Mathematics Education program at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke is designed to provide an opportunity for teachers of mathematics in the public schools to extend their ongoing professional development in mathematics. The graduate program nurtures the development of teachers who desire to increase their knowledge in mathematics, to keep abreast of the current trends, curricula and instructional design, and to learn new methods of student and program evaluation. Administratively, the program is housed in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science in the Oxendine Science Building. Governed by the Teacher Education Committee and the Graduate Council, the Mathematics Education graduate program is guided by an advisory committee comprised of representatives from the department of Mathematics and Computer Science faculty, the School of Education, public school teachers and administrators, graduates, and current candidates. Mrs. Mary Klinikowski coordinates the graduate program.

Program Philosophy

In order to be an effective teacher of mathematics the student should have a solid foundation in mathematics content. The mathematics content courses selected for our program were chosen to be those that relate to the content of the present or anticipated future content of secondary mathematics curriculum. 
The program is designed to extend the student's knowledge in how mathematics programs are developed, taught, maintained and evaluated. Our undergraduate major's focus is on becoming effective teachers of mathematics; our desire for our graduate students is to become effective leaders of their local learning environments. 
In order to become more effective teachers, the students must be aware of the issues affecting mathematics instruction nationwide. They should be aware of the standards and principles on the teaching, learning and evaluating of mathematics which are advocated by the various professional organizations. They should be aware of and participate in research associated with mathematics instruction.