Elementary Education
Elementary Education
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Elementary Education Department Faculty & Staff

 Dr. Lisa MitchellDr. Lisa Mitchell

 Department Chair and Associate Professor, Elementary Education
 Director, Graduate Elementary Education 
 Email: lisa.mitchell@uncp.edu
 Phone: 910.775.4412
 Location: Education Center, Room 101B


  Audria Cummings

 Administrative Support Associate
 Email: audria.cummings@uncp.edu
Location: Education Center, Room 117



Kelly Ficklin

 Dr. Kelly Ficklin

  Clinical Assistant Professor, Undergraduate Elementary Education Coordiantor
  Email: kelly.ficklin@uncp.edu
  Phone: 910.775.4037
  Location: Education Center, Room 215B


Dr. Valjeaner Ford

 Dr. Valjeaner Ford

 Professor, PRAXIS Liaison
 Email: valjeaner.ford@uncp.edu
 Phone: 910.521.6893
 Location: Education Center, Room 101G   


Karen Granger

 Dr. Karen Granger

 Assistant Professor, AIG Coordinator
 Email: karen.granger@uncp.edu
 Phone: 910.521.6448
 Location: Education Center, Room 113


Dr. Claudia Nickolson

 Dr. Claudia Nickolson

 Associate Professor
 Location: Education Center, Room 215A


Dr. David Oxendine

 Dr. David Oxendine

 Associate Professor
 Email: david.oxendine@uncp.edu
 Phone: 910.521.6324
 Location: Education Center, Room 310


 Dr. Kayonna Pitchford

 Assistant Professor, edTPA Coordinator
 Email: kayonna.pitchford@uncp.edu
 Phone: 910.521.6779
 Location: Education Center, Room 115


 Dr. Doreen T. Saccomano

 Email: doreen.saccomano@uncp.edu
 Phone: 910.521.6453
 Location: Education Center, Room 101-E


Dr. Joe Sciulli

 Dr. Joe Sciulli

  Associate Professor
  Email: joe.sciulli@uncp.edu
  Phone: 910.521.6362
  Location: Education Center, Room 208


Audria Cummings  Dr. Jennifer Whittington

  Assistant Professor, Director of Recruitment and Retention
  Email: jennifer.whittington@uncp.edu
  Phone: 910.521.6451
  Location: Education Center, Room 319