Elementary Education

B.S. Elementary Education

The Department of Elementary Education offers the Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education.

The Elementary Education program is one of 12 teacher education programs offered at UNCP.  The program is designed to (1) provide experiences for candidates to develop the content knowledge necessary to be a successful teacher in the Kindergarten-Grade 6 learning environment, as noted by the North Carolina Teaching Content Standards; (2) provide candidates with experiences in pedagogical content knowledge, as noted by the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards; and (3) provide experiences whereby candidates develop into professional educators who are committed, collaborative, and competent, as noted in the UNCP School of Education Conceptual Framework.

It is our desire that the Elementary Education graduates will motivate and engage their Kindergarten-Grade 6 students in active learning and that they will inspire them to become lifelong learners.

The UNCP Teacher Education Program is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and the Undergraduate Elementary Education program is approved by the NC State Board of Education. Individuals who complete the Undergraduate Elementary Education program are eligible for a Standard Professional I license to teach in the state of North Carolina. 

Each Elementary Education major or licensure candidate is assigned an advisor who helps the student plan and approves his or her program of study. 

Additional Information 2015-16 UNCP Catalog

2015-2016 UNCP Catalog Elementary Education 

Elementary Education

Undergraduate Handbook

Undergraduate Handbook (PDF)

Elementary Education Undergraduate Checksheet revised 5/26/15


Undergraduate Elementary Education Faculty

 Dr. Lisa MitchellDr. Lisa Mitchell

 Department Chair and Associate Professor, Elementary Education
 Director, Graduate Elementary Education 

 Email: lisa.mitchell@uncp.edu
 Phone: 910.775.4412
 Location: Education Center, Room 101B

Kelly Ficklin

 Dr. Kelly Ficklin

  Clinical Assistant Professor, Undergraduate Elementary Education Coordinator
  Email: kelly.ficklin@uncp.edu
  Phone: 910.775.4037
  Location: Education Center, Room 215B


Dr. Karen Granger Dr. Karen Granger

 Assistant Professor, AIG Coordinator
 Email: karen.granger@uncp.edu
 Phone: 910.521.6448
 Location: Education Center, Room 113



Dr. Claudia Nickolson Dr. Claudia Nickolson

 Associate Professor
 Email: claudia.nickolson@uncp.edu
 Phone: 910.775.4413
 Location: Education Center, Room 215A


 Dr. Kayonna Pitchford

 Assistant Professor
 Email: kayonna.pitchford@uncp.edu
 Phone: 910.521.6779
 Location: Education Center, Room 115


 Dr. Doreen Saccomano

 Phone: 910.521.6453
 Location: Education Center, Room 101E

Dr. Joe Sciulli

Dr. Joe Sciulli

Associate Professor
Email: joe.sciulli@uncp.edu
Phone: 910.521.6362
Location: Education Center, Room 208


 Dr. Jennifer Whitttington

 Assistant Professor, Director of Recruitment and Retention
 Email: jennifer.whittington@uncp.edu
 Phone: 910.521.6451
 Location: Education Center, Room 319