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Chemistry and Physics

Academic Affairs Committe 2011-2012

Academic Affairs September 2011 October 2011 November 2011 December 2011 Janurary 2012 February 2012 March 202 APRIL 2012
AA Committee Minutes april 2011
Agenda sept 2011
Minutes March 2011
Minutes Sept 2011-pdf
Minutes Sept 2011
Agenda oct 2011 pdf 
Minutes oct 2011 pdf
Agenda oct 2011 word

Minutes oct2011 word

Minutes Nov 2011-pdf

Minutes Nov 2011-word

Agenda Nov 2011-word 

Agenda Nov 2011-pdf

  Agenda Jan 2012-pdf 

Agenda Jan 2012-word

Minutes Jan 2012 pdf

Minutes Jan 2012 word

Agenda feb pdf

Agenda feb word 



minutes word

minutes pdf

agenda word

agenda pdf 

minutes march pdf

minutes march word





Curriculum Subcommittee Minutes april 2011 
Agenda Sept2011
Draft minutes sept 2011
Agenda Oct 2011 
Course overview
Agenda Oct pdf
Minutes 10611 pdf

Minutes 10611 word
Ad-hoc proposal pdf
spreadsheet overview
Ad-hoc proposal word

Minutes 11 3 11-pdf

Minutes 11 3 11-word

Minutes 1006-word 

Minutes 1006-pdf

Agenda 1003-word

Agenda 1103-pdf

Agenda dec 11-pdf

Agenda dec 11-word

Minutes Dec 11 pdf

Minutes Dec 11-word

 proposal revisions to the Curriculum policies-pdf

Above in word

QEP classes pdf

QEP classes word

Minutes feb2 word

Minutes feb2 pdf

Agenda feb2 pdf 

Agendafeb2 word

Agenda 3/1 word

Agenda 3/1 pdf

ccminutes 3112 word

cc minutes 3112 pdf



draft Minutes-word

draft minutes-pdf

ATEP cat change-word

ATEP cat changes-pdf

General Education Subcommittee approved minutes march 2011

same above word
Agenda for March 2011-pdf

same above word
Minutes & agendra March 2011 
Agendra Sept2011
Minutes 8/25

Minutes 92211-word

Minutes 92211-pdf

Agenda 102711-word

Agenda 102711-pdf 

Minutes 1027-word 

Minutes 1027-pdf

Agenda 012612-word

Agenda 012612-pdf



approved janmin word

approved jan min pdf

Agenda feb23 pdf

Agenda feb23 word 

minutes feb23 pdf

minutes feb 23 word

Agenda322 word

Agenda322 pdf







Enrollment Management Subcommittee Minutes April 2011 
Agendra April 2011

Attachment april 2011
Agendra Sept 2011

Minutes Sept 2011

Agenda Oct 2011

Agenda Oct 2011-PDf 

Minutes Sept 2011-Pdf

Minutes oct 2011-word 

Minutes oct 2011-pdf

Agenda Nov 2011-word

Agenda Nov 2011-pdf

  approved min Nov2011-word

aproved Min nov2011-pdf

Minutes Nov 2011-pdf

Minutes Nov 2011-word
Minutes Jan pdf

Minutes Jan wrd
Agenda Jan 2012-pdf

Agenda Jan 2012-word

Agenda Feb8 pdf 

Agenda feb8 word

proposed changes degree-pdf

proposed changes degree-word

draft minutes feb word

draft minutes feb pdf

Agenda march word

Agenda march pdf

withdrawal etc word

withdrawal etc pdf


withdraw(2) word

withdraw(2) pdf

withdraw(3) word

withdraw(3) pdf





Academic Support Service Subcommittee Agenda Sept 2011

Minutes April 2011 

Agenda Oct 2011 
Minutes Sept 2011
Agenda _pdf

Minutes 2011-Pdf

Minues oct 2011-word
Minutes Nov 2011-word

Minutes Nov 2011-pdf
Minutes Oct 2011-pdf
cost blackboard-word

cost blackboard-pdf
Agenda Nov 2011-word

Agenda Nov 2011-pdf 

    Agenda feb word

Agenda feb pdf 

minutes feb word

minutes feb pdf

Minutes 313 pdf

Minutes 313 word

Agenda march word

Agenda march pdf 



faculty survey-pdf

faculty survey-excel



LMS survey-word

LMS survey-pdf