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BIO 4990: Research in Biology

While coursework and a high GPA are of primary importance to someonePhoto of Nicholas Faulkner and Dr. Jeremy Sellers who wants to become a working biologist, research experience is highly desirable for someone who hopes to go on to graduate school and/or work in biological/medical research. One possible way to gain research experience is through our course BIO 4990: Research in Biology.

Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (RISE) program at UNC Pembroke is for students who are considering a career in the area of biomedical research. "The goal of this program is to help create a more diverse research work force by working to 1) prepare UNCP students to be the research scientists of the future, and to 2) support and enhance an atmosphere conducive to undergraduate research in the sciences at UNCP."

Alzheimer's Research Lab
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Offers multiple opportunities for undergraduate research 
Dr. Ben Bahr's Alzheimer's Disease Research Lab works with the UNC Pembroke RISE (Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement) Program. "Our goal is to contribute to the creation of a more diverse scientific workforce by: 1) providing students with opportunities to explore their interest in research, 2) enabling students’ academic success through special instructional activities, and 3) enhancing undergraduate research in the sciences at UNCP."

Pembroke Undergraduate Research and Creativity
(PURC) Center at "UNC Pembroke stimulates, supports and promotes inquiry, discovery and creativity in scholarship and the arts through mentored research experiences with faculty and other regional, national and international scholars and professionals. The Center facilitates and coordinates preparation in research skills necessary for professional fields and graduate study."

Summer Research Internships 
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Another excellent way to gain research experience is by being awarded a summer research internship at another institution, research lab, etc. Some students are able to complete 1-2 such internships during their undergraduate years at UNCP. Such experiences broaden one's knowledge of science, while strengthening one's resume by illustrating interest and commitment to biology. Jordan Smink

You should look and apply early for internships. It seems that those who do so have a slight edge over those who wait until the last minute. View a list of some institutions and websites that contain information concerning internships or similar opportunities by clicking here.

ENV 4900: Internship in Environmental Science

Students who are majoring in Environmental Science (MS Word) (PDF) are required to complete an internship ENV 4900: Internship. Questions about the internship may be addressed to Dr. Leon Jernigan, faculty coordinator for the Environmental Science Degree.


Top photograph: undergraduate student Nicholas Faulkner and Dr. Jeremy Sellers (courtesy of Scott Bigelow). Lower photograph: Jordan Smink and her research poster, based on a 10-week summer internship at the Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, VA.

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