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Psi Lambda Chapter Inducts New TriBeta Members (March 2012)

Photo of Officers and Inductees Photo of Leslie Bullard

The Psi Lambda Chapter of TriBeta inducted eight Regular and two Associate members during its annual induction banquet on 13 March 2012. The Chapter's officers hosted this special event, which was held in the University Center Annex.

Daisy Irra (President) presided over the ceremony, including presentation of certificates. Leslie Bullard (Vice President) read inductee biographies, while Janki Patel (Treasurer) read the history of the Psi Lambda Chapter, and she described the meanings of the TriBeta symbols.

Photo of Dr. Mary Schweitzer

Dr. Dennis McCracken, who is the faculty advisor of the chapter, introduced the evening's distinguished speaker, Dr. Mary Schweitzer (pictured to the right), Professor of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at North Carolina State University. Dr. Schweitzer is perhaps best known for her work in molecular paleontology and in the evolution of reproductive strategies in dinosaurs and their bird descendents.

She gave a fascinating talk about evidence of dinosaur soft tissue, preserved for millions of years within fossilized bones. While not without controversy, she made a compelling case that cells and tissues she discovered can belong to no organisms other than dinosaurs.


Regular Members inducted during the ceremony were: Wesley Carter, Victoria Dancy, Brittany Edwards, Lauren Horner, Christopher Long, David Renan, Anna Sanford, and Logan Singer. Associate members inducted were Paul Freeman and Jeffrey MacDonald.

Photo of Regular Members Photo of Associate Members
Regular Members (Above Left ) and Associate Members (Above Right)

Members of the Biology faculty who attended the ceremony were Drs. Wm. Bruce Ezell, Rita Hagevik, Debby Hanmer, Lisa Kelly, Robert Poage, Marisol Santisteban, Marilu Santos, and Patricia Sellers. Members of the faculty in attendance from other departments were Drs. Mark Canada (Acting Dean of the College of the Arts and Sciences) and Martin Farley (Geology and Geography).

Photo of Inductee Photo of Faculty Photo of Janki Patel

Photo of Dr. Marisol Santisteban Photo of Dr. Bob Poage Photo of Dr. Martin Farley Photo of Dr. Bruce Ezell Photo of Sanfords

Photo of Students at Dining Table Photo of Dr. Schweitzer speaking

TriBeta is a national honor society for students of the biological sciences. The Psi Lambda Chapter was chartered in 2002, as a result of a student-led initiative.
Photo of TriBeta cake Photo of Dr. Mary Schweitzer

Photographs are courtesy of Dr. Dennis McCracken

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