A.D. Gallery

Jan-Ru Wan - Mixed Media Artist

On View: August 19- September 24, 2009

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Jan-Ru Wan is a mixed media artist who utilizes sculptureal form, space, and site-specific formats to communicate about the human experience, the body, and the blending of Eastern and Western Cultures.

Her forms are conceptually strong and she is sensitive to the mixing of materials to maximize their ability to evoke emotion and response. Her work focuses on the reflective processes of dyeing, weaving, printing, sewing, arranging fibers, staining, and discoloration of fabrics.

Ru-Wan is currently an Assistant Professor of Art at NC State University.


Gallery Related Event:

Artist Talk: Thursday, September 24th, 4-5pm, Room 117 - Locklear Hall

Jan-Ru Wan will speak about her mixed media process (including fiber, cyanotype and sculpture), and the message imbedded within her forms. Jan-Ru Wan’s art is characterized by the intricate details of its texture and surface, and by the typically large-scale installation format. The talk will be followed by a closing reception in the A.D. Gallery.

Closing Reception: Thursday, September 24th, 5-7pm

 Installation View

Installation View

 Installation View

Detail: Catch Rainwater for my Voyage