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A.D. Gallery
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The 25th Annual Regional High School Juried Exhibition

March 13 - 26, 2006

Visitors to ExhbitJuror: Melissa Clement, Fayetteville Observer Times

Selected from 141 entries representing eleven high schools, the forty-one works on display represent the finest achievements of our up-and-coming regional artists.

Thanks to this year's sponsors: Jerry Johnson Chevrolet, Lumberton; The Center for Community Action, Lumberton; The Red Springs Arts Council; and Wal-Mart, Lumberton.

Juror’s Statement by Melissa Clement:

I was pleasantly surprised when I juried this show. The quality of the work was outstanding and well beyond other student shows I have seen. The teachers deserve credit along with the students. With more professional framing much of the work would have a chance to be accepted in regional art shows, if age limits allows. Adult shows in this area tend to be packed with flower paintings and landscapes. It was a pleasure to see different subject matter. The best work was portraiture. I liked the self-portraits and portraits of other students, rather than copies of faces of the rich and famous, although most were well handled. I would like to see more creativity, see students get a little wild and experimental. Study the art of some of the modern artists who make their own rules, but don't forget that every artist needs a foundation of good drawing ability. The sculptures were the most original pieces. I want to encourage students to visit exhibitions and enter more competitions. If your work is rejected, remember, it's just the opinion and personal taste of the juror. Keep up the good work.



  • 1st Place: Adriana Nuñez “Pieces of Sarai” Collage (Douglas Byrd High School)
  • 2nd Place: Valerie Howard “Mom’s Mushed Peas Were Gross” Colored Pencil (Jack Britt High School)
  • 3rd Place: Anna True “Brandon Flowers” Oil pencil on paper (Massey Hill Classical High School)
  • Honorable Mention:
    • Colleen Brady “J.J. Redick” Oil pencil on paper (Massey Hill Classical High School)
    • Terry Cummings “Freedom” Mixed media (Purnell Swett High School)
    • Beth Juarez “Lemur” Painting (Terry Sanford High School)
    • Amber Locklear “Hope for Tomorrow” Pencil (Purnell Swett High School)


List of Participating Schools and Artists

East Columbus High School

  • Adriana Nuñez “Pieces of Sarai” Collage (1st Place)
  • Sarai Cannon “The Many Sides of Sarai” Digital photograph
  • Jessie Greene “Untitled” Pencil on paper
  • Adriana Nuñez “Holding Myself Together” Pencil on paper
  • Philip Graham, "Untitled" Pencil on paper

Douglas Byrd High School

  • Ledavious Carson “Faces” Oil pastel on paper
  • Christopher Ward “My View” Mixed media

Fairmont High School

  • Drew Grimsley “Untitled Masterpiece #9” Acrylic on paper

Jack Britt High School

  • Valerie Howard “Mom’s Mushed Peas Were Gross” Colored Pencil (2nd Place)
  • Amanda Lindsay “Shades” Pencil on paper
  • Jessica McDowell “Old Lady” Oil pencil on paper
  • Lydia Lee “Jennifer Yu” Collage
  • Miriam Struett “Untitled” Cardboard and Sand
  • David Goddard “Jessie” Oil on canvas board

Lumberton High School

  • Joseph Thompson “Untitled” Scratch board
  • Jessica Whitted “Men Sitting” Acrylic on board
  • Kenny Porter “Brace Face” Pencil on paper
  • Kenny Porter “Fading Memories” Pen and ink
  • Amber Johnson “Lumber River” Pen and ink on paper
  • William Bethea “Spirits of the Earth” Acrylic on canvas board
  • Whitney Lewis “Lady Reciting Prayers in Tomb Revisited” Aluminum foil and ink
  • Tamala Lewis “Queen of Soul” Clay

Massey Hill Classical High School

  • Anna True “Brandon Flowers” Oil pencil on paper (3rd Place)
  • Colleen Brady “J.J. Redick” Oil pencil on paper (Honorable Mention)
  • Lauren Trott “Cityscape” Oil on board
  • Matthew Wilson “Mom” Oil pencil on paper
  • Natalie Perrin “Angel” Oil pencil on paper
  • Andrea Rasmussen “Orchid” Acrylic on canvas
  • Ian Talton “Dragon Fly” Found object sculpture
  • Justin Horlebein “Praying Mantis” Found object sculpture

Purnell Swett High School

  • Terry Cummings “Freedom” Mixed media (Honorable Mention)
  • Amber Locklear “Hope for Tomorrow” Pencil (Honorable Mention)
  • Ian Bullard “Crucifixion” Scratch board

Terry Sanford High School

  • Beth Juarez “Lemur” Painting (Honorable Mention)
  • Martin Krieger “Chaydre the Tall” Drawing
  • Martin Krieger “Up-Side-Downalis (bug)” Pencil on paper
  • Ashley Wilson “Artist’s Retreat” Painting

Scotland High School

  • Mark A. Robinson “Exhaustion” Digital photography

South Brunswick High School

  • Erica Sauls “Hear Me, See Me, Feel Me” Graphite on paper

West Bladen High School

  • Ricky Mintz “Stevie Williams” Digital
  • Kayla Brisson “Tribal Dance” Bones