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Teacher Education Programs

Program Description

Program Description

The Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) is an interdisciplinary degree option within the Teacher Education Program. The M.A.T. is intended for graduates from accredited colleges or universities with an undergraduate major in an appropriate field who have few, if any, formal courses in education. The program is available only to those individuals who have not earned a clear license and who are seeking licensure in the teaching field in which they wish to earn the degree. Lateral-entry teachers can clear their lateral entry provisional educator's licenses through M.A.T. coursework.

The program includes courses in teaching pedagogy and professional education as well as concentrated study in in one of the following areas: Art Education, English/Language Arts Education (Middle Grades or Secondary), Mathematics Education (Middle Grades or Secondary), Health and Physical Education, Science Education (Middle Grades or Secondary), and Social Studies Education (Middle Grades or Secondary). A 3-hour (10 week) internship is required if the candidate does not provide appropriate documentation of at least one year of successful teaching experience on a lateral-entry provisional license that corresponds to the licensure area of the candidate's M.A.T. concentration.