School of Education

Grants and Awards

Institutions of higher education develop and submit grant proposals for a variety of reasons.  According to Dr. F. William Ravlin, Associate Director of the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center at  The Ohio State University, some of these reasons are:  (1) to secure funding for a university’s project or program; (2) to formalize and validate hypotheses, concepts, and experiments; (3) to employ as a tool for fostering communication, building teams, and encouraging interaction among faculty and staff members – valuing their ideas for innovation; and (4) to expand the university’s research portfolio to issues broader than one’s own institution (i.e., the research agenda is set by agencies and sponsors outside the college/university).

The UNCP School of Education (SOE) believes that grant proposals, especially those requesting federal and state monies, are excellent vehicles for recycling local tax dollars – that is, bringing tax dollars back home to address local needs.  Without appropriate financial resources, postsecondary institutions cannot fulfill their educational missions.  In addition, given the contemporary emphases of on “aligned management systems” and “continuous improvement management processes,” grant proposals can be used as vehicles for targeted change. 

A multitude of external funding resources/opportunities – both governmental and private – are available to UNCP faculty and staff who discerningly identify and apply for them.  Disregarded institutionally compatible discretionary grant program and private foundation funding sources are akin to lotteries one does not enter and opportunities one neglects to seize – If you do not play/participate, then you cannot win/succeed.  SOE faculty endeavor to be successful players/participants!

Accordingly, SOE faculty are involved in grant-funded research projects and program efforts as principal investigators/project leaders and affiliated collaborators, and they also provide grant proposal development and technical assistance (e.g., proposal writing, content area expertise, evaluation consultation, etc.) to campus units and school districts in UNCP’s service region.


The preponderance of material on this webpage is an amalgam of information that was excerpted and derived from a variety of sources (i.e., Brave Bulletin articles, the UNCP Newswire, UNC – General Administration news releases, etc.).  Source ascriptions are provided below each entry.