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Esther G. Maynor Honors College

Participation Requirements

End-of-year GPA Requirements:

    • Freshman: 3.0
    • Sophomore: 3.25
    • Junior: 3.5
    • Senior: 3.5 


Honors Curricular Tracks:

1. University Honors: Recommended for students entering the MHC as new freshman.

    • Four HON (honors seminar) courses
    • Four discipline-specific honors courses of three credit hours
    • HON 4000 (senior project planning, one credit hour)
    • HON 4500 (senior project work, three credit hours)

2. Departmental Honors:  Recommended for students who enter the MHC as existing or transfer students and for incoming honors freshman who enter with substantial pre-existing college level course credit.

    • Four HON (honors seminar) courses
    • Two honors “contract” courses in upper-level major courses
    • HON 4000 (senior project planning, one credit hour)
    • HON 4500 (senior project work, three credit hours)

3. University and Departmental Honors:

    • Four HON (honors seminar) courses
    • Four discipline-specific honors courses
    • Two honors “contract courses” in upper level major courses
    • An enhanced senior project consisting of a senior thesis PLUS a service, dialogue, or creative project (which may be developed from the same research)
    • HON 4000 (senior project planning, one credit hour)
    • HON 4500 (senior project work, three credit hours)


Satisfactory Progress

All honors students are expected to maintain satisfactory progress within the honors college curriculum. Satisfactory progress is defined by regular enrollment in and the successful completion of honors sections. While enrollment in honors sections is not a requirement every term, students should consistently include honors sections in their schedule of classes until the senior project is complete.

Honors Courses

There are three types of honors courses. These courses all simultaneously fulfill honors college requirements as well as general education or other requirements at UNCP.

      • Honors Seminars: Courses unique to the honors curriculum that offer students a rich learning experience. Listed with an HON prefix (for example HON 1000-900: Contemporary Public Issues).
      • Discipline-Specific Honors Courses: Designated honors sections, taught by honors faculty, of courses that are offered university wide. Enrollment is limited to honors students. Courses carry a -900 (or higher) section number (for example PHI 1000-900: Introduction to Philosophy).
      • Contract Courses: Traditional university courses that are tailored to meet honors requirements by requiring work that is above and beyond the normal expectations of the course. Contract courses must be taught by tenured or tenure-track members of the student’s major department.


Senior Project

At the end of the junior year, honors students begin the senior project course sequence, HON 4000 and 4500, which is typically the final honors requirement prior to graduation. Students plan and complete the project with the support of a faculty mentor and the Honors College senior project coordinator. Students may choose from four project types:

  • Service-Learning
  • Campus Dialogue
  • Creative
  • Thesis

Note: Any exceptions or substitutions of requirements will be determined by the Dean of the Maynor Honors College in consultation with the University Honors Council. Students who have completed a faculty-led study abroad course may be eligible to substitute that course for HON 3000: Cultures in Contact.