School of Graduate Studies and Research
School of Graduate Studies and Research

Graduate Research Symposium

The Symposium features scholarly and creative activity of UNCP's graduate students. 

The School of Graduate Studies and Research annually hosts a Graduate Research Symposium.  In a manner similar to a conference poster session, students present their research or scholarly projects in poster format (or other) and are present to answer attendees’ questions related to their work.

Presenters can elect to have their work judged by a panel, the winners of which attend and present their work with other graduate students from across the state to NC legislators at an annual Graduate School Day held each May at the legislative building in Raleigh NC (see above picture from Education Day in Raleigh 2014).

During the symposium, program directors and students from the various graduate programs are available to address inquiries related to program-specific admission requirements, program components, and curricula for the Open House portion of the event.

Application/Proposal Form (must be signed by advisor and program director). Please type in responses (except signature).

Poster Workshop (to assist students with professional poster development)

TBA in early 2017

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