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30 Brave Minutes

30 Brave Minutes

Have you listened to 30 Brave Minutes? It's a podcast produced by the College of Arts & Sciences. In each episode a panel of distinguished guests discusses a thought provoking topic. Check it out!  

 UN Promise Panel

College Affordability & NC Promise

January 1, 2018

Panel: Dr. David Ward (Academic Affairs), Lois Williams (Enrollment Management), and Jodi Phelps (University Communications & Marketing).

Listen to the podcast.  Transcript coming soon. 


 Podcast Panel on the Life in the Military

Life in the Military

December 1, 2017

Panel: Dr. Weston Cook (History), Mike Clawson and Jasmine Coleman (Military Outreach), and Lewis Whitley (Mathematics & Computer Science).

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 Hurricane Matthew Panel

Hurricane Matthew

November 1, 2017

Panel: Dr. Dan Barbee (Political Science & Public Administration), Dr. Robert Schneider (Political Science & Public Administration), Morgan Jones (Office of Advancement), Dr. Dennis Swanson (Livermore Library).  

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Image of Podcast Participants

The Reformation

October 1, 2017

Panel: Dr. Ray Sutherland (Philosophy & Religion), Dr. Charles Beem (History), Dr. Josh Busman (Music), and Dr. Richard Gay (Art).  

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Sustainability Participants


September 1, 2017

Panel: Dr. Rachel Smith (Chemistry & Physics), Dr. Andrew Ash (Biology), Jay Blauser (Office of Campus Sustainability), and Nathan Phillippi (Geology & Geography).  

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Mysteries of the Human Body Podcast Participants

Mysteries of the Human Body

August 1, 2017

Panel: Dr. J. Porter Lillis (Sociology & Criminal Justice), Dr. Robert Poage (Biology), and Eric Freeman.

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 Leadership Panel Photo


July 1, 2017

Panel: Brittany Bennett (Health Physical Education & Recreation), Dan Kenney (UNCP Chancellor's Office), Barry O'Brien (School of Business), Christie Poteet (Community & Civic Engagement), and Dr. Joe West (Political Science & Public Administration)

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 Social Work Panel

Social Work in Rural Areas

June 1, 2017

Panel: Dr. Yale Kodwo-Nyameazea, Joe Davis, and Dr. Summer Gainey (Social Work)

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 Crime and Punishment Panel Photo

Crime & Punishment

May 1, 2017

Panel: Dr. Mario Paparozzi, Dr. Renee Lamphere, Judith Paparozzi, and Robert McDonnell (Sociology & Criminal Justice)

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 Soil Panel Participants


April 3, 2017

Panel: Dr. Kaitlin Campbell (Biology), Dr. Deborah Hanmer (Biology), and Dr. Daren Nelson (Geology & Geography).

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 Creativity Podcast Participants


March 15, 2017

Panel: Jessica Pitchford (English, Theatre, & Foreign Languages), Carla Rokes (Art), Aaron Vandermeer (Music), Holden Hansen (English, Theatre, & Foreign Languages), and Terence Dollard (Mass Communication).

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 Trees on UNCP Campus

K-12 Education

February 15, 2017

Panel: Dr. Serina Cinnamon (History) and Dr. Naomi Lifschitz-Grant (Art).

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Holiday Podcast Panel

The Holiday Season

December 7, 2016

Panel: Dr. Siva Mandjiny (Chemistry & Physics), Dr. Jane Haladay (American Indian Studies), Dr. David Nikkel (Philosophy & Religion), Dr. Motti Inbari (Philosophy & Religion), and Michael Berntsen (English, Theatre & Foreign Languages).

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 Podcast on Elections Guests

Presidential Elections

November 22, 2016

Panel: Dr. Mark Thompson (History), Dr. Emily Neff-Sharum (Political Science & Public Administration), and Mary E. Sandell (Mass Communications).

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Healthcare Podcast participants

Future of Healthcare

October 27, 2016

Panel: Dr. Cherry Beasley (Nursing), Dr. Ben Bahr (Biology, Chemistry & Physics), Dr. Shilpa Regan (Psychology), and Dr. Chancellor Robin G. Cummings.

Listen to the podcast Read the transcript.  Listen to After the Podcast!  Read After the Podcast.


Storytelling Panel


September 28, 2016

Panel: Dr. Ashley Allen (Psychology), Dr. Ryan Anderson (History), Dr. Mary Ann Jacobs (American Indian Studies), and Dr. Roger Ladd (English, Theatre and Foreign Languages).

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