HAWK Alert Program

The HAWK (Honing Academics With Knowledge) Alert Program is designed to identify those students who are having academic difficulty at any point in their academic career. By identifying these students, the Center for Student Success can address their needs, thereby increasing the likelihood of their success.

There are often reasonable causes for poor academic performance including:

  • Class Attendance
  • Personal Problems
  • Class/Test Performance
  • Financial Aid Concerns
  • Work Related Issues
  • Health Problems
  • Transition Issues

Faculty, through regular contact with students, are the first to see the results of these problems which manifest themselves through low test and quiz scores, failure to turn in assignments, poor class attendance, and/or poor class participation.

How HAWK Alert works:

Faculty/Staff can refer "Roster and Non-Roster" students to the Center for Student Success in the following ways:


Log-in to BraveWeb and click the "TutorTrac" hyperlink to create a NEW SAGE HAWK Alert or KUDOS Referral for your Roster or Non-Roster students (for a step-by-step guide on how to refer a student or multiple students, check out the downloads below). Click Progress to see a step-by-step guide that shows you how we are progressing with your referral. If you have any problems or questions, please contact mark.hunt@uncp.edu / (910)775-4393.

We contact the student and provide information about campus resources.

We counsel and advise the student about ways to address the academic difficulties.

We report back to the faculty/staff/advisor the outcome of the meeting with the student either directly and/or by uploading our progress within the referral.

***UPDATE*** We now have a "KUDOS" referral that can be used to congratulate or encourage a student that is performing well. Please feel free to "motivate" your students!

Our new HAWK Alert/KUDOS referral system is much simpler and more productive than our prior referral system and we look forward to assisting you.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mark Hunt at (910)775-4393 or mark.hunt@uncp.edu.  Thank you.