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Military Tuition Assistance

Military TA

Using TA at UNCP

Military students using DoD TA at UNCP have to register for courses through BraveWeb before requesting TA.

  • Once the TA request is received from the student the information will be verified against the student's BraveWeb registration.
  • Approved requests with corresponding course registration in BraveWeb will have a third-party billing code placed on their account.
  • This code will prevent their classes from being dropped for nonpayment while UNCP awaits the DoD invoice window for TA disbursement.
  • Students using TA are responsible for paying the fees not covered by TA.
  • Students with submitted TA request will have until the end of the semester to pay the fee balance not covered by TA. 

The process for requesting Tuition Assistance (TA) is generally the same for all branches. While each service has control over their budgets and rules, the programs must fall within the Department of Defense (DoD) standards. These include:

  • Credit hour limits of $250 per semester hour maximum. 
  • TA can only cover tuition, not any fees or other costs of an educational program.
  • Financial Aid such as Pell Grants and Loans can be used with TA.
  • TA is not authorized for education beyond a master’s degree. 
  • You can’t use TA at an educational level that is equal to or below any degree that you have already completed.

Please contact your Education Services Officer (ESO) for information regarding the specific type of DoD TA you are using. 

If you have questions or need assistance with using Department of Defense (DoD) TA at UNCP please contact Academic & Military Outreach at 910-775-4438 or email