COVID-19 Cases-FALL 2020

The first chart below represents UNC Pembroke faculty, staff, students or subcontractors working on campus who have known, confirmed cases of COVID-19, have been present on campus during their period of infection and could present a current risk of exposure to other members of the university community. The semester cumulative data reflects the total number of positive confirmed cases at UNCP since August 3, 2020. The final chart below indicates the total number of individuals who have been released from treatment or isolation per CDC guidelines and are recovered or presumed recovered.

All persons determined to have exposure risk are formally contacted individually through our contact tracing process and will be provided additional instruction. For more information on test and tracing, please review information contained in the Roadmap to Fall 2020.

The charts are updated each week on Mondays throughout the winter break. The new Spring dashboard will be launched approximately one week prior to the start of classes. Last updated January 4, 2021.

To protect individuals’ private health information, UNCP will not identify or offer personally identifying information about employees or students diagnosed with COVID-19. Additionally, as required, the university follows confidentiality guidelines and directives set forth in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

Please note: This information does not include individuals who may have confirmed cases but have not reported to campus in the past 14 days or individuals who are self-quarantining without a confirmed diagnosis. The numbers do include diagnoses confirmed through on-campus testing, self-reported diagnoses and those identified by local health officials.  


Active campus cases are defined as those where a positive COVID-19 test result has been confirmed and are currently in isolation.  

Students  Employees Subcontractors
1 2 0

The following chart shows the total number of cases including recovered individuals and active cases noted above for the semester, beginning August 3, 2020. 

Students Employees Subcontractors





The following chart shows the total number of COVID-positive individuals who have recovered for the semester, beginning August 3, 2020.  A recovered individual has completed their isolation period and has been cleared to return to class and normal activities following CDC guidelines.

Students Employees Subcontractors




  • November 2 update includes data from the RCHD surveillance testing even on campus October 28-29.
  • A single positive case reported on the October 28 update was unintentionally reported in two categories resulting in a double-count. That adjustment is reflected in the October 30 update with a reduction to the Subcontractor total and the case remains correctly counted in the appropriate category.  
  • October 23, 26 and 28 updates include isolation/quarantine and positive test results from confirmed athletics-related clusters.
  • October 7 update includes a proactive Athletics team quarantine though no athletes tested returned positive results.
  • September 16 update added the Cumulative Recovered Cases chart.
  • September 4 update includes a decrease in active cases for the week resulting from 93 on Monday to 57 on Friday. The active cases again decreased to 35 on September 9.
  • August 31 update includes complete data from Robeson County Health Department free testing event on campus where 711 individuals were tested with a  4.36% positivity rate among UNCP-affiliated individuals (the WHO target positivity rate is 5% or below.) 
  • Read important campus messages, including cluster notifications at
  • Total of positive COVID-19 cases representing a risk of possible exposure on campus prior to August 2, 2020 is 10.

We are at 0% of our capacity in on-campus isolation and quarantine as of January 4.

All employees who have tested positive or suspect they may have COVID-19 should notify the university at

Students who suspect they may have COVID-19 or are experiencing symptoms should call Student Health Services for information on testing at 910.521.6219.