Chancellor's Welcome

It is an honor to write you today as the 6th Chancellor of The University of North Carolina at Pembroke. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to serve. I was born and raised in Pembroke and our campus is part of my upbringing. It is humbling to embrace the role of chancellor at a truly unique and special place of higher learning, but particularly since I have learned more about the university over the past six weeks.

I was a member of the UNC Pembroke Foundation Board for ten years and served as chair of UNC Pembroke's Board of Trustees, and those experiences gave me special insight into Pembroke's uniqueness. What I have also learned over the last two months is that each of you has a lot more to teach me about our university. As I begin today, my goal is to continue to learn from students, alumni, staff, faculty and our community about our distinctiveness.

I want to pledge to each of you that as a collective whole we can continue to add to the great history this university possesses. As we move forward as a university family, I want us to be guided by three principles:

  • Is it good for our students?
  • Is it the best opportunity for the university?
  • Does it prepare UNC Pembroke for the future?

Over the last two months my wife Rebecca and I have had great support in the transition. I especially want to thank Chancellor Emeritus Kyle Carter for his willingness to spend time with me helping me orient myself to the role of chancellor.

Rebecca and I look forward to getting to know each of you over time.

Dr. Robin G. Cummings

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