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Hi Campus Community,

I would like to introduce the inaugural edition of the Staff Council Newsletter! We, on the staff council, would like to use this publication to keep all SPA and EPA Non-Teaching staff members abreast of everything going on throughout campus and the resources available to you. We will feature employee related events and training so that we can all become more aware of the opportunities available to us.

With your help, we will also use it to “spotlight” staff members active within the community, or our members who have reached any milestones like graduation, births and marriages. We think your accomplishments should be shared so let us know your news! Our Star Employees and the Employee of the Year will also be featured within this publication as an additional way to recognize their hard work and as a small thank you for all they do.

We hope you enjoy our newsletter and we hope you take advantage of it by sharing your news and giving us feedback. Thank you for your time and, hopefully, your input. Have a great day!



Tori Nicolosi

Publications and Information Committee Chair


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