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REG 11.25.01 - Visitation Regulation in Student Housing

Authority: Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs


  • First Issued: Prior to 2005
  • Revised: July 1, 2011

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Contact Info: Director of Housing and Residence Life, 910-775-4253


1.1 The visitation program for on-campus student housing creates a structure for residents to bring guests into their rooms. Students residing on-campus are expected to view their academic responsibilities as their primary goal; therefore, studying takes preference over socializing in student residences on weekday nights. On the weekend when fewer classes are scheduled, a greater amount of leisure time and social or non-academic activities are usually more prominent. The guidelines for visitation are grounded in the academic schedule and are designed to balance a student’s responsibilities with individual and group needs.    2. GENERAL POLICIES AND PROCEDURES

2.1 All residents are responsible to escort their guest(s) at all times while the guest remains in the building and to inform their guest(s) of all university policies and regulations. Hosts are responsible for their guest’s behavior, for any damages incurred, and for the adherence to all university policies and procedures. Guests in residence halls with hours of visitation must register with the staff when entering and exiting the building. False identification will be submitted to housing staff for appropriate action. Three guests per resident will be allowed unless permission is granted by a resident administrator. Students and their guest(s) are responsible for using the appropriate restroom for their gender. Public facilities are located in the main lobby of each building.


3.1 Like most opportunities at the university, visitation is not a right, but rather a privilege that may be suspended at any time for violations of policies. Visitation privileges may be suspended administratively by the Office of Housing and Residence Life or by a judicial officer as a result of disciplinary action. Modifications to visitation may be imposed if a student’s rights are being compromised.   


4.1 The hours of visitation for Belk Hall, North Hall, Oak Hall, and Pine Hall on Sunday through Thursday shall not exceed 11 a.m. through midnight and 11 a.m. on Friday and Saturday through 2 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Twenty-four hour visitation is permitted in the lobby and first floor lounge area. Hallways, stairways, and upstairs lounges are not considered twenty-four hour visitation areas. Visitation for the University Village Apartments, Courtyard Apartments and Cypress Residence Hall is open visitation. Open visitation implies that restrictions are determined by roommates and suitemates according to each other’s rights and needs. Respect for the wishes and wellbeing of one’s roommate(s) is more important than someone’s desire to have guests. Extended in-hall visitation privileges allow residents of the building access to visit other residents within their residence hall.