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REG 02.65.01 - Withdrawal from the University

NOTICE: This policy/regulation is presented in its format as of the date of posting to this website. The university is in the process of conducting a thorough review of all its policies and regulations. This policy/regulation has not yet been reviewed/vetted in accordance with REG 01.20.01.

Authority: Office of the Registrar


  • First Issued: 1972
  • Last Revised: October 25, 2012

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Contact Information: Office of the Registrar, 910-521-6298


1.1 A student who wishes to drop all courses for which they are registered for the remainder of the term in which they are enrolled must withdraw from the university by completing a Request for Withdrawal form, available online or from the Office of the Registrar. This course of action may be completed without documentation up to the last day to receive a W in a course. The student is to obtain the required signatures, take the I.D. card to the Student Accounts Office, and return the form to the Office of the Registrar. The university makes applicable refunds only after the withdrawal procedure is completed.

1.2 Withdrawals after the last day to receive a W in a course are granted by the university only when exceptional circumstances exist. A student  may complete the Undergraduate Application for Retroactive Withdrawal (Within Current Semester Only) Form available online and at the Office of the Registrar, obtain all required signatures, and include documentation for the request prior to submitting the completed form to the Office for Student Academic Support and Retention for review. The assistant vice chancellor approves withdrawal from the university without academic penalty only when unusual and documentable circumstances warrant. Unsatisfactory academic performance does not by itself meet the requirement.

1.3 As soon as possible, and no later than before the beginning of the last two weeks of classes in the semester, the student petitioning to withdraw from the university must meet with the  assistant vice chancellor for Student Academic Support and Retention, present the required documentation, and complete the necessary forms. Approved requests receive W’s in all courses. Students who stop attending classes without completing the withdrawal procedure ordinarily receive an F in courses for which they are registered.

1.4 Graduate students who wish to withdraw from the university should contact the Office of Graduate Studies.