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Policies and Regulations
Policies and Regulations
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POL 06.15.02 - Coordination of University Image, Brand and Advertising Policy

Authority: Chancellor 


  • First issued: June 6, 2017 

Additional references:

Contact Information: Executive Director of University Communications and Marketing, 910.521.6533


1.1 UNC Pembroke recognizes that many units throughout campus can benefit from and work together to grow the university’s brand.  

1.2 The UNC Pembroke brand is one of the university’s most powerful assets.


2.1 Promotional materials: All forms of marketing materials carrying any of the university marks that are used to generate awareness, interest or action related to the university or its programs. Regular business correspondence and materials associated with coursework are excluded.

2.2 Advertising: Non-classified advertising appearing in media promoting the university or its programs.

2.3 University Style Guide: The manual published by University Communications and Marketing (UCM) specifying the standards related to the use of university marks.


3.1 The authority to approve use of university marks and to establish the appropriate guidelines and procedures governing the university image, marketing, advertising, and university mark usage is delegated to the executive director of University Communications and Marketing or his/her designee.


4.1 University Communications and Marketing should approve any space or time reservations for non-classified, off-campus advertising. NOTE: Only authorized university employees may sign contracts for the university.

4.2 Art or creative materials intended for use in non-classified advertising requires approval by UCM prior to submission.


5.1 University marks, as outlined in the University Style Guide and Athletics Style Guide, are the only marks approved for use by the university. These marks replace all other logos or marks used by individual units, departments, or programs. No other marks or logos may be used to represent the university or its programs.

5.2 Use of university marks on merchandise, promotional or otherwise, is regulated through the university’s licensing program. Use of university marks on merchandise is not allowed by unlicensed vendors.


6.1 All materials produced for university use must conform to the standards set forth in the University Style Guide, which can be accessed in the references section of this policy. University Communications and Marketing will administer brand regulations and approval of all branded materials.


7.1 The primary approving point of contact is the executive director or his/her designee. To submit items for approval, please email to brand@uncp.edu.

7.2 All marketing and promotional material intended for external audiences requires approval prior to production.

7.3 Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for review of materials and understand that revisions may be required to comply with approved university style guide.

7.4 UCM will work through Print Services, who shall have first right of refusal, to produce any promotional materials requested that require printing and production.