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POL 06.05.01 - Continuing Education and Public Service Studies Relative to Non-Credit or CEU Programs Policy

NOTICE: This policy/regulation is presented in its format as of the date of posting to this website. The university is in the process of conducting a thorough review of all its policies and regulations. This policy/regulation has not yet been reviewed/vetted in accordance with REG 01.20.01.



  • First Issued: June 3, 2004. 
  • Last Revised: July 26, 2012

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Contact Information: Director, The Regional Center, 910-775-4000


1.1 In accordance with UNC General Administration’s Administrative Memorandum #135, establishes policies and procedures regarding the University of North Carolina at Pembroke’s sponsored programs for continuing education and public service studies for non-credit and CEU programs.


2.1 Applies to all university departments and activities.

2.2 Exceptions

2.2.1 Performances at Givens Performing Arts Center, Student Affairs activities, athletic facilities and events, and University Advancement events are exempt from this policy.


3.1 General Policy

3.1.1 UNC Pembroke supports and encourages members of the university community to participate in planning, organizing, and delivering programs of a public service and continuing studies nature sponsored by the university. These programs include but are not limited to off-campus classes, extension programs, customized educational programs for external organizations, and classes offered online. The administrative unit responsible for coordinating this participation is the Engaged Outreach Division through either the Office of Continuing and Distance Education or The Regional Center, unless specifically exempted by the chancellor. Activities of the Engaged Outreach Division will not compete with or diminish the university's ability to deliver its regular academic programs.

3.2Public Service/Extended Education Programs

3.2.1 In an effort to fulfill the service aspect of its mission, the university offers, through the Engaged Outreach Division, public service and extension programs involving campus courses, on-site courses and online courses for organizations or the general public.

3.2.2 Activities such as seminars, workshops, custom-designed courses, forums, symposia, etc., intended to be responsive to the educational, cultural, and economic development needs of various constituencies in the university's service region may qualify as public service or extended education events and must be coordinated or co-sponsored with the Engaged Outreach Division through either the Office of Continuing and Distance Education or The Regional Center.

3.2.3 Any or all of the following criteria are used in determining whether an event is required to be coordinated with the Engaged Outreach Division:

3.2.3.a. the event is being publicized as sponsored by UNC Pembroke;

3.2.3.b. the event generates revenue through participant fees or a training contract;

3.2.3.c. continuing education or extension credit (such as a CEU or teacher renewal) is offered; and

3.2.3.d. participants receive certificates of completion from UNC Pembroke or a cooperating agency.

3.2.4 The Engaged Outreach Division will initiate programs to respond to specific needs and will collaborate with academic departments and other university units. In order to facilitate the planning and organizing process, university departments are encouraged to contact The Regional Center as soon as possible in the planning process to obtain a planning package. The following points should be considered in offering public service/extended education programs:

3.2.4.a. extension contractual relationships with other organizations exist and vary in nature dependent on the purpose of the relationship;

3.2.4.b. students enrolled in public service/extension courses or programs that desire to become degree candidates on the university campus must meet regular admission requirements;

3.2.4.c. UNC Pembroke faculty must obtain the approval of their department chairpersons prior to taking part in Engaged Outreach Division activities for pay during the regular (fall or spring) semesters; and

3.2.4.d. requests for courses must be forwarded to The Regional Center for administrative handling. The division will forward such requests to the appropriate academic department.