University Communications and Marketing

Videography Services

The goals and duties of the Videography office closely follow the mission of UNC Pembroke.

The Videography office creates a video presence for academic and administrative departments via the University website for the benefit of perspective and current students. Video projects are intended to showcase the University as an “Institution of Choice” and as a robust campus experience for a diverse student body. The quality of education and opportunities for students are to be displayed.

This office is also in place to encourage enrollment (recruitment videos, video tours, student life, history of campus, etc.) and to facilitate student success (showing student involvement opportunities, student work exhibitions, etc.). It provides insight into positive student life and academic potential. Videos serve to boost and promote UNCP’s image at college fairs, high schools, local TV and internet. Videos are also developed to encourage Alumni engagement with the university.

Other Notes

  • Video projects are prioritized based on the guidelines above.  Recommendations for videos that fit into those priorities are welcome and will be considered by the UCM team.
  • Production of a video project can take two to four weeks depending on the length and complexity of the project. 
  • Videotaping events for archival purposed is not part of the videographer’s duties.  Students in the Mass Communication department can be contracted for such purposes as part of their learning experience.

If faculty or staff of UNCP are aware of video opportunities that would do the following, please contact videography services.

  • Encourage enrollment of
    • Perspective students
    • Military students
    • Grad students
    • Transfers
  • Benefit current students and/or academic programs
  • Reach out to Alumni
  • Raise awareness of community collaboration involving UNCP

For more information about available videography services, contact Ed Ricker at or 910.775.4569.