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Institutional Research

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Office of Institutional Research

Chunmei Yao Dr. Chunmei Yao

 Director of Institutional Research
 Email: chunmei.yao@uncp.edu
 Phone: 910.521.6295


Ginger Brooks Ginger Brooks

 Manager of Data Collection and Reporting
 Email: ginger.brooks@uncp.edu
 Phone: 910.521.6291


Myra Moody Myra Moody

 Business Technology Applications Tech.
 Email: myra.moody@uncp.edu
 Phone: 910.521.6793


Susan Evans Susan Evans

 Business Technology Applications Tech./WIC
 Email: susan.evans@uncp.edu
 Phone: 910.521.6765


Rhonda Chavis

 Rhonda Chavis

 Social Research Assistant
 Email: rhonda.chavis@uncp.edu
 Phone: 910.775.4445