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Finance and Administration

Community Service Leave for SPA and EPA Non-Teaching

Human Resources Policy HR 71 00

Purpose: This policy is established to provide a process for awarding leave to employees who volunteer their services to support schools, communities, citizens and non-profit organizations.
Scope: This policy applies to all time limited, permanent full-time and permanent part-time SPA and EPA non-teaching employees.
Policy: In recognition of the State's diverse need for volunteers to support schools, communities, citizens and non-profit charitable organizations, each eligible employee shall be granted twenty-four (24) hours of Community Service Leave annually (pro-rated for part-time employees) to be used for volunteer participation in the above mentioned programs. This policy is effective July 1, 2000; therefore, eligible employees will receive twelve (12) hours of Community Service Leave (pro-rated for part-time employees) for July 1, 2000 through December 31, 2000, in addition to any unused Child Involvement Leave that the employee has as of June 30, 2000.
Employees have two options for using Community Service Leave (1) to volunteer their services for communities, citizens, schools and non-profit organizations or (2) they may elect to participate in a tutoring/mentoring program and receive one hour of leave each week that they tutor/mentor in a school approved program. An employee may change options during the calendar year. The maximum hours that may be granted is the maximum allowed under the new option chosen, minus the amount already used.

1. Leave for Child Involvement and School Volunteerism: Employees may use all or part of their annual allotment of Community Service Leave to volunteer time in support of programs and services in public and private elementary, middle and high schools, and licensed public and private day care and preschool settings. A parent may use this leave to meet with a teacher or administrator concerning the parent's child or may attend any educational function sponsored by the school in which the child is participating.
2. Leave for Non-Profit Organization Volunteerism: Employees may use all or part of their annual 24-hour allotment of Community Service Leave to volunteer time in non-profit, non-partisan community organizations which are designed as 501(c)(3) agencies under the Internal Revenue Code, or human services organizations licensed or accredited to serve citizens with special needs including children, youth and the elderly.
3. Leave for Tutoring and Mentoring in North Carolina Schools: In lieu of the 24-hour award as noted above, employees may elect to receive one (1) hour of volunteer leave for each week that public schools are in session as documented by a school official. This leave award shall be used exclusively for tutoring or mentoring a student in accordance with established standards, rules and guideline for such arrangements as determined and documented by joint agreement with the employee's supervisor and the school. A "school" is one that is authorized to operate under the laws of the State of North Carolina and is an elementary school, middle school, high school, or childcare program.

The Community Service Leave Policy replaces the Child Involvement Leave Policy, the Community Involvement Leave Policy, and the Volunteer Participation Leave Policy.
As with all leave, Community Service Leave must be approved by the Supervisor. The Supervisor or other University management may require that leave be taken at the convenience of the University.
Community Service Leave is non-cumulative; therefore, any leave not taken in a calendar year shall not be carried over into the next calendar year but will be forfeited. If an employee transfers to another State agency, any balance of Community Service Leave shall be transferred to the new agency. Under the tutoring/mentoring option, the employee should seek approval from the new Supervisor prior to the transfer.

1. Community Service Leave must be approved by the employee's Supervisor. The Supervisor may require acceptable proof that leave is taken within the purpose of the Community Service Leave Policy.
2. Community Service Leave must be reported on the "Request For Leave Form." SPA employees must also report Community Service Leave on the "Employee Time Sheet."
3. When Community Service Leave is taken for Tutoring/Mentoring in a school, a statement from a school official is required to verify that Tutoring/Mentoring is an approved program.

Special Leave Provisions:
All time limited, permanent full-time, permanent part-time SPA and EPA non-teaching employees shall be granted time off with pay to participate in Emergency Services, Blood and Bone Marrow Donorship and Disaster Service Volunteer with the American Red Cross.

1. Emergency Services: The Supervisor or University Official shall determine that a bonafide need for emergency services exists at the time the request is made by the employee to participate in emergency or rescue services. The employee shall be required to provide; (a) sufficient proof of membership in an emergency volunteer organization and (b) assurance that participation in such emergency services will not unreasonably hinder agency activity for which the employee is responsible.
2. Blood and Bone Marrow Donorship: Eligible employees shall be given reasonable time off to participate in blood and bone marrow donor programs. The Supervisor or University Official will determine the reasonableness of time required in each instance.
3. Disaster Service Volunteer Leave: Eligible employees shall receive time off with pay to participate in specialized disaster relief services, not to exceed 15 workdays in any 12 month period. The amount of time and decision to grant time off for such services will be made at the time the request is made by the employee and will be based on the work needs of the University. To qualify for this leave, the employee must; (a) be a Certified Disaster Service Volunteer of the American Red Cross, and (b) be requested by the American Red Cross to participate.