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This page provides links to current design solicitations, and to other helpful information for designers currently under contract and prospective designers.

Current Designer Solicitations

Current designer solicitation information is listed below. Please review our Designer Selection Procedures and Policies document prior to contacting us regarding active solitications.

The New School of Business Pre-proposal Questions

  1. Will the 60,000 SF building be constructed using the $23 million provided by the Connect NC Bond funding or by using the 23 million plus the 13 million for a total of 36 million? Will the project scope increase if the funding is 36 million?

Answer – The final square footage and available funding for the New School of Business will be determined at the conclusion of Advance Planning. The funding will be between 23 million and 36 million for a square footage to be determined during Advance Planning.

2.  Scheduling anticipated dates:

Answer – Development of Short List for Interviews-

                 (December 20, 2016)

                 Interviews of Short list firms-

                 (Week of January 9-13, 2017)

                 Selection of Designer-Week of January16-20, 2017

                 Construction start-June 2018

3.  Are there any additional staff needs?

As stated in the advertisement – An Information Technology programming and design consultant will be required.

4.  Will new parking be required?

Answer - A limited amount of parking for the New School of Business will be required at the site. The extent of the parking is to be determined during Advanced Planning. This project will not replace all the parking demolished on this site or at a remote site.

5.  Will the design contract for Advance Planning and Contract Documents be in one contract or two?

Answer – A fee will be negotiated for the Advance Planning / SD effort initially. Upon completion of the Advanced Planning /SD effort, a new fee based on the scope developed during this effort will be negotiated.

6.  Will this project be a LEED Certified building and if so at what level?

Answer – The New School of Business will be LEED Silver or the comparable designation of Green Globe as a minimum.

7.  Will the selected Designer be asked to participate in the selection of the CM @ Risk contractor?       

Answer – At this time there are no plans to have the designer participate in the selection of the CM @ Risk contractor.

8.  What is the extent of the site work?

Answer – The project site is from Prospect/Odom Road on the East to Braves Drive on the West and the paved areas between Sampson and Dial buildings.  Please refer to our campus map at the attached URL –


9.  What is planned for Prospect/Odom Road by NCDOT?

Answer – The existing Prospect/Odom Road has four lanes with a turning lane. The NCDOT project will reduce the lanes from four lanes to two lanes while maintaining the turn lane. A round-a-about will at the UNCP main entrance that leads to Lumbee Hall.

10.  Are there any HUB goals for this project?

Answer – UNCP encourages HUB participation on all of its design and construction projects. UNCP’s has a goal of 10% for HUB participation.

11.  What is the scope desired for cost estimating and scheduling services?

Answer – Cost estimating and scheduling services is mentioned under “Critical Factors” in the advertisement. We are asking you to discuss the methodology that you employ for cost estimating and scheduling services of your projects that ensure your projects are within the established budget and that the schedule is maintained at each phase of the project. Completing the project within the budget and on time is very important to UNCP.

12.  Does the University desire an independent cost estimate at the end of every phase (SD, DD and CD) or only after one or two of these phases?

Answer – UNCP requires a cost estimate at the end of Advanced Planning / SD, DD and CD’s. UNCP is not requiring an independent cost estimate if in-house cost estimating by the design firm has proven to be accurate.

13.  Will there be a food service component to the project that would warrant adding a food service consultant to the team?

Answer – During the Advance Planning Phase, UNCP would like to explore the possibility of providing a food service component to the project; therefore, a food service consultant should be included on the design team.

14.  Would UNCP consider including an interior design of FF & E in the project scope?

Answer – An interior design of FF & E will be included in the project scope.

15.  Is UNCP’s preferred method of delivery of content digital, hard copies or both?

Answer – UNCP’s preferred delivery method of the proposal is one hard copy and a digital copy.

16.  Is there a specific time on November 22, 2016 that UNCP is requiring all submissions to be delivered?

Answer - All proposals should be delivered to Central Receiving by close of business   (5 PM) on November 22, 2016 or hand delivered to the Facilities Planning and Construction, Administrative Assistant, in the Pinchbeck building.

Central Receiving address follows below for UPS/FEDEX:

J. Michael Clark, RA

Director of Facilities Planning and Construction

University of North Carolina at Pembroke

One University Drive

Pembroke, NC 28372


Hanbury/Architecture   Planning Tim Winstead Principal Twinstead@HEWV.com 919-612-6567
Anegram Studio K.C. Underwood Principal kc@anegramstudio.com 910-691-2833
Draper Aden   Assoicates Gordon Rose Senior Principal grose@daa.com 910-322-6567
Draper Aden   Assoicates Jeff Nelson Associate jnelson@daa.com 804-553-4589
Vines   Architecture Jeff Schroeder Associate jschroeder@vinesarc.com 919-755-1975
Metcon Aaron Thomas CEO athomas@metconus-com 910-521-8013
O'Brien/Atkins   Associates Jim Nichols Business Development   Leader jnichols@obrienatkins.com 919-941-9000
O'Brien/Atkins   Associates Pat Perkins Marketing Coordinator pperkins@obrienatkins.com 919-941-9000
O'Brien/Atkins   Associates Bill O'Brien Architect bobrien@obrienatkins.com 919-941-9000
Froehling   & Roberson Craig Mintz Branch Manager cmintz@fandr.com 910-323-9832
EYP Dan Fields Principal  dfields@eypae.com 704-840-1125
SFLA Robbie Ferris Principal  rferris@sfla.biz 919-610-2251
SASAKI Justin Finnicum Senior Associate jfinnicum@sasaki.com 617-291-2961
Glave &   Holmes Architecture Lori Garrett Senior Principal lgarrett@glaveandholmes.com 804-649-9303
RDK Engineers Daniel Humphries Electrical Designer dhumphries@RDKEngineers.com 919-695-4200
LS3P   Associates Charles Boney Vice President Charlesboney@ls3p.com 910-790-9901
RATIO Jim Merriman Associate Principal jmerriman@ratiodesign.com 919-256-4980
Walter Robbs Larry Robbs Chairman robbs@walterrobbs.com 336-725-1371
Innovative   Design, Inc. Mike Nicklas President nicklas@innovativedesign.net 919-832-6303
Fleming and   Associates Stephen Fleming President sflemingandassociates.com 910-433-2825
Clark   Patterson Lee Clayton L. Grant   cgrant@ClarkPatterson.com 980-275-5890
John Portman   & Associates Norris Hunt Principal  nhunt@portmanusa.com 404-614-5051
BSA   LifeStructures David L. Liberatore   dliberatore@bsalifestructures.com 919-830-8243
Thorton   Tomasetti Dom Ponsades   Dponsades@ThorntonTomasetti.com 917-661-7800
Summit   Engineering Michael Garvey Director of Marketing   & Business Development mgarvey@summit-companies.com 704-504-1717
Jenkins Peer   Architects Rob Hsin Senior Associate rhsin@jenkinspeer.com 704-940-6931
LKG-CMC Robert Watson Document Control   Administrator rwatson@lkgcmc.com 818-844-0800
Clark Nexsen Janet Brooks Marketing Manager jbrooks@clarknexsen.com 704-840-1348
Engineered   Designs, Inc. Michele Lewis Marketing Director mlewis@engineereddesigns.com 919-851-8481
Szostak   Design, Inc. Philip L. Szostak Principal pszostak@szostakdesign.com 919-929-5244
RMF   Engineering Chelsea Luttrell Marketing Coordinator chelsea.luttrell@rmf.com 919-941-9876
Porter Khouw   Consulting Michelle L. Wiesner Business Development mwiesner@porterkhouwconsulting.com 303-903-9926
Perkins &   Will  Sally Owens Marketing Coordinator Sally.Owens@perkinswill.com 704-972-5619
Henning Larsen   Architects Amaila Dahl Head of International   Business Development adah@henninglarsen.com 458233075
Building &   Earth Sciences, LLP Joel Tucker Region Account   Executive jtucker@buildingandearth.com 919-776-1888
Locklear,   Locklear & Jacobs, PLLC Jonathan Locklear Vice President jonathanlocklear@llandj.com 910-774-9306
Brighty Tree   Studios Jennifer Rowe Casey Director of Marketing   and Business Development jrowe@brighttreestudios.com 412-951-7081
Stroud Pence Kim C. Edens Marketing Coordinator kedens@stroudpence.com 919-782-1833
SO-IL Bryson Armstrong   armstrong@so-il.org 718-624-6666
Dewberry Wilma Joyner Marketing Manager wjoyner@dewberry.com 919-425-7615
Coastal Plains   Engineering Christopher Locklear President coastalplainseng@gmail.com 910-521-7213


New School of Business – Advance Planning and Design Services

Project Summary

October 13, 2016 

CLOSING DATE: November 22, 2016



This project is funded at $23,000,000 by the approved Connect NC 2016 Bond Program but a Capital Campaign to raise as much as $13,000,000 in additional funding is planned and underway. Any additional funds raised during the Capital Campaign for changes to the project scope will be identified not later than December 31, 2017. Any increase in funding will result in an amended Design Contract. The project will provide advanced planning and design services to provide a New School of Business. The project includes the demolition of an existing parking lot and the construction of an approximately 60,000 GSF new building that will support teaching and research, community outreach and professional partnerships in an integrated, state of the art facility. The proposed building structure will offer a unique, flexible configuration that promotes interdisciplinary collaboration, student engagement and community connections. Additionally, the design will compliment and strengthen the UNCP Master Plan and will promote sustainability design features in the new building. Full programing of the facility will be initially conducted. The building will house the Faculty (31 Professors), Adjunct Faculty (10 Professors and Lecturers) and Administrative staff (6) of the School of Business. The School of Business includes the following programs;

Accounting and Finance

Economics and Decision Sciences

Management, Marketing, and International Business


The designer shall have experience in High Performance Building design. A guiding design principle will be a high-energy efficiency building with low recurring costs. Experience with geo-thermal applications, day-lighting strategies, photovoltaic roof panels, gray water applications, and storm water BMP’s is highly preferred.

The selected designer will work under the standard State Construction Contract and will be required to provide all necessary site surveys and fieldwork. Designers will have access to University archives, but must provide their own copies of documents requested. Designers must provide a project cost estimate for the Advanced Planning Phase that will include schematic design. This project will be a Construction Manager at Risk project; therefore, the Designer will work with the Construction Manager to determine the final cost for the construction project. Upon completion of Advanced Planning, UNCP in conjunction with the designer will determine the final scope of work/cost and continue on with the standard design development phase, construction document phase and construction administration. The Construction Management at Risk contractor will be selected after review of proposals and individual interviews of at least three contractors.. The designer will be expected to coordinate any additional work required such as surveys and geotechnical testing and receive payment as a reimbursable. Design work for IT infrastructure is also required as is programming assistance and site analysis to determine the optimum siting for this facility in the context of the University Master Plan. The following additional scope will be required:

  1. Provide a IT programming and design consultant as part of the design team
  2. Perform Site analysis
  3. Site study and assistance relating to the siting of this building and its impact on existing campus facilities.


Designers are requested to send one copy of their SF 330, along with any brochures or other illustrative material to the contact. There is no page limit for your submission. Additional information on this project is not currently available. Due to the volume of projects being handled by the Facilities Planning and Construction office, and in fairness to all interested designers, individual visits from designers to discuss this project will not be scheduled. Designers however may feel free to make an unescorted site visit to campus.

Submissions will be examined by the School of Business Building Committee, which will select a short list for an interview. Designers being short-listed for an interview will be invited to campus for a site visit, and interview briefing. The interviews will be held consecutively, with firms being allowed an equal amount of time for their presentations. Following the interview, the Building Committee will make its recommendation to the University Board of Trustees, who will select the designer.


The selected firm will work directly with the Assistant Vice chancellor for Facilities Management, Director of Facilities Planning and Construction and a building committee.


The schedule is to be negotiated.


Please include the following critical factors in your submission relating to this work:

  • Experience with similar projects
  • Experience of designing within a university context
  • Track Record for being on time/on budget
  • Cost estimating and scheduling services
  • Qualifications of members of the proposed project team
  • Your Project Leader
  • Your proposed Consultants including an IT consultant


In order that the interview and selection process be as objective as possible, you are directed not to communicate with any of the University Trustees or any one at the University regarding this project. Email communication is preferred. Direct your questions and submissions to:

J. Michael Clark, RA

Director of Facilities Planning and Construction

PO Box 1510

Pembroke, NC  28372

Phone: 910-521-6374

Email:  michael.clark@uncp.edu

UPS/FEDEX address

1 University Drive

Pembroke, NC 28372


UNC Pembroke/Open Ended Service Agreement for Designers 2014/2016

CLOSING DATE: 3-25-2014


One-two sentences University of North Carolina at Pembroke is seeking firms to provide limited term Professional Design Services for small renovations and new construction projects under $500K for the following disciplines. Please submit one copy of your proposal. Services solicited (the number of firms to be selected is shown in parentheses): Architectural (4), Asbestos, Environmental Hazardous Materials (3), Commissioning (3), Civil (3), Electrical (4), Landscape (3), Mechanical (4), Roofing (3), Structural (3), Surveying (3), and Testing (3).

Submit Letters of Interest and Current SF-330 to: J. Michael Clark, University of North Carolina at Pembroke, PO Box 1510, One University Drive, Pembroke, NC 28372-1510.

(In order to offer architectural or engineering services in respsone to this solicitation, the proposer must be licensed in the State of North Carolina).


Resources For Designers

These web sites contain very important information regarding policies and procedures for design, and on the bond projects.