About Us

Welcome to the UNCP Bookstore, the official bookstore of UNC Pembroke. We are an auxiliary operation, where the money you spend goes back to benefit our students. We provide scholarships and have recently moved into a brand new facility.

The goal of the UNCP Bookstore is to enhance you educational experience with a complete selection of course books, general books, quality school supplies, imprinted sportswear, computer software, technology products, greeting cards, convenience items, and a whole lot more.

We are located in the Auxiliary Services Building. (We are number 36 on the campus map). (Adobe Acrobat required) We recently moved into this new and expanded store December 2006 after many years being housed in the D.F. Lowry Building.

Please find in this page a listing of our UNCP Bookstore Policies and Procedures. All of our policies and procedures are located on the Business Affairs Web Page.

Policies are:
Book Return/Refund Policy
Book Usage Policy
Bulk Quantity Discount Policy
Donation Policy
Markdown Schedule
Special Orders
Check Cashing Policy
Credit Card Acceptance
Bookstore Campus Scholarship Policy

Return Policy
Textbooks may be returned for full credit within the first seven days of the Fall and Spring semesters, and within the first three days of the Summer I and II sessions. Textbooks for pre-sessions, intra sessions and all other abbreviated sessions are eligible for a refund within forty-eight hours of the beginning of the course. The original itemized cash register receipt is required for a refund during the Fall and Spring semesters. The original itemized cash register receipt and a copy of the student’s class schedule is required to obtain a refund during summer sessions. New books must be in the original selling condition. A full refund cannot be given for textbooks that have been written in, had the plastic removed, or have been damaged in any way. No refunds will be given on course pack materials or digital textbooks. Textbooks purchased after the seventh day of the Fall or Spring semesters or after the third day of a Summer I or II semester are considered FINAL SALES and no refunds will be given. 

Students who drop a course may return their books within 48 hours after the course is dropped, provided the Bookstore has not started processing returns. A copy of the student’s detailed schedule that reflects the dropped course and a receipt is required.  Returns processing starts four weeks after classes begin in the Fall and Spring semesters and two weeks after classes begin in the Summer sessions. 

General Merchandise may be returned for a full exchange up to two weeks from the date of purchase provided that it is accompanied by a cash register receipt.  Exceptions:  there are no refunds on magazines, technology products, opened ink cartridges, gift cards, iTunes cards, clearance merchandise, special orders or products marked “no returns.” 

Computer Software cannot be returned once the package has been opened.


Book Usage Policy
Textbooks selected will be retained for a minimum of one regular term semester. It is permissible to use different textbooks where multiple sections of the same course are taught. All textbook needs must be adopted through the UNCP Bookstore.

Bulk Quantity Discounts
Please view the Business Affairs web site for this policy.


UNCP Bookstore Policy BK 02 98

Purpose: To establish guidance for donating merchandise to campus groups.

Scope: This policy applies to all UNC Pembroke groups and departments.

Policy: The UNCP Bookstore, in support of the University, contributes UNCP memorabilia as donations to campus organizations. Requests for donations need to be made at least five (5) days in advance and are subject to management approval.

Departmental conferences and off-campus groups are not eligible to receive donations.

To request a donation, please fill out this donation form and submit it to the Bookstore five days prior to your event.

Markdown Schedule
Please view the Business Affairs web site for this policy.

Special Orders
In order to provide continued customer service to the Faculty, Staff, Administration and Students of UNCP, the UNCP Bookstore gladly accepts special orders for supplies, textbooks, trade books, and computer software. These orders are only final if we get the item for you. Orders can be paid in full in advance or by a non refundable deposit. If you would like to order a particular item, please contact the UNCP Bookstore staff.

Check Cashing Policy ( REVISED 03/31/03)
Current student identification card is presented, Payment is made in US dollars, The presented check is $100 or less and made out to the UNCP Bookstore, Check bears the name, address, and telephone number of the check's presenter. A service charge of $25 US dollars will be assumed for any returned checks. For the first returned check you will receive a warning. At that time the check plus the service charge must be paid immediately. If a second check is returned, you will loose your check cashing privileges for the remainder of the academic year.

Credit Card Acceptance
The UNCP Bookstore accepts the following major credit cards for payment. MASTER CARD and VISA. When you purchase items with either your debit/check card or credit card, you must present the cashier with a valid picture ID. We will not accept payment without such identification.

Departments/Offices wishing to purchase items from the UNCP Bookstore may do so by filling out the Hardcopy Requisition. (Adobe Acrobat Required)

Your requisition must include the following:
Department's Budget Code
Item, Quantity, and Price of each item to be purchased
Signed by Department Head and Purchasing Agent in Business Services

If the following are not completed, your requisition cannot be processed until all pertinent information is correctly completed.

This policy applies to all UNCP Bookstore customers. The UNCP Bookstore customers. The UNCP Bookstore provides gift wrapping services to our customers based on the following policy.

All purchases of $10.00 or more will be gift wrapped free of charge with the exception of clearance merchandise. Clearance merchandise or purchases totaling less than $10.00 may be gift wrapped for a charge of $1.00. The UNCP Bookstore will only wrap items that are purchased from the UNCP Bookstore.

Purpose : This policy provides guidelines for the annual distribution of auxiliary funds to the university scholarship fund.

Scope : Applies to University Bookstore.

Policy : If the fund balance exceeds the required six (6) months operating expenses per policy #FPB1103, excess funds up to the base amount of $30,000 will be allocated to the Chancellor to provide student scholarships. This base amount will increase by the CPI index each year. Funding provided to the Chancellor shall be used exclusively for awarding scholarships to defray the expenses of students attending the institution.

Procedures : Funds shall be allocated to Chancellor annually after the annual audit is complete and the funds are certified by the Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs.