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Mathematics and Computer Science

News & Events

News and Events

Congratulations from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science to our Spring 2012 Graduates

Mariela Carter, B.S. Mathematics Education

Toyoko Cuthbert, B.S. Computer Science

Megan Dudley, B.S. Mathematics

John Freeman, B.S. Mathematics Education

Mary Gardner, B.S. Mathematics

John Greene, B.S. Computer Science

David Hager, B.S. Mathematics Education

Joshua Hill, B.S. Information Technology 

William Hughes, B.S. Computer Science

Chad Hurin, B.S. Computer Science 

Brandy Larson, B.S. Mathematics Education

Jennifer Milling, B.S. Information Technology

William Mock, B.S. Mathematics 

Kelvin Morrisey, B.S. Computer Science

Terence Pace, B.S. Information Technology\

Joseph Robinson, B.S. Information Technology

Ashley Smith, B.S. Computer Science

Lenise Stewart, B.S. Mathematics Education

Adam Thornton, B.S. Computer Science

Patricia Varno, B.S. Mathematics Education

Meng Yang, B.S. Mathematics


2012 Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Student Awards

Award Winners

The UNC-Pembroke College of Arts and Sciences held its Annual Student Academic Awards Ceremony on April 24, 2012. The event is an opportunity for departments to showcase and acknowledge outstanding student perfomances in and out of the classroom. Students recognized by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science are nominated and voted on by departmental faculty. In addition to receiving a certificate, students take home either a scholorship or cash reward.


Pictured above left to right: 

Christopher Lowery, Undergraduate Information Technology Award

and James Porter Math and Environmental Science Scholarship

Dr. Charles Lillie, Department Chair

Mariela Carter, James A. Jacobs Senior Award

Johnathan Corbett, Undergraduate Computer Science Award

Not pictured:

Heidi Dingwell, Undergraduate Mathematics Award

Faculty & Staff

Steven Bourquin, Ph.D.

Chair, Associate Professor
Office: Oxendine 1233A
Phone: 910.521.6517
Email: steven.bourquin@uncp.edu


Donald E. Beken

Donald E. Beken, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Office: Oxendine 1224
Phone: 910.521.6631
Email: don.beken@uncp.edu


William Campbell

William Campbell, Ph.D.

Office: Oxendine 1220
Phone: 910.521.6318
Email: bill.campbell@uncp.edu


Gwenyth Campen, M.S.

Office: Oxendine 1213
Phone: 910.522.5796
Email: gwenyth.campen@uncp.edu


Sherlene Chavis

Administrative Support
Office: Oxendine 1233
Phone: 910.521.6244
Email: sherlene.chavis@uncp.edu


Melissa R. Edwards, M.S.

Office: Oxendine 1210
Phone: 910.521.6315
Email: melissa.edwards@uncp.edu


Linda Falls

Linda Falls, M.A.

Office: Oxendine 1210
Phone: 910.521.6672
Email: linda.falls@uncp.edu


Joeseph GoldstonJoseph W. Goldston, Ph.D.

Office: Oxendine 1225
Phone: 910.521.6416
Email: joe.goldston@uncp.edu


Lee Hafer, M.S., SpEd.

Office: Oxendine 1228
Phone: 910.521.6256
Email: lee.hafer@uncp.edu


Linda Hafer, M.S.

Office: Oxendine 1228
Phone: 910.521.6256
Email: linda.hafer@uncp.edu
Web Site: www.uncp.edu/home/hafer/


Gangadhar Hiremath

Gangadhar Hiremath, Ph.D.

Office: Oxendine 1222
Phone: 910.521.6589
Email: gangadhar.hiremath@uncp.edu



Raymond Lee, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Office: Oxendine 1229
Phone: 910.521.6309
Email: raymond.lee@uncp.edu
Web Site: www.uncp.edu/home/lee/



Xiuqi (Suze) Li

Xiuqi (Suze) Li , Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Office: Oxendine 1211
Phone: 910.775.4363
Email: xiuli@uncp.edu


Charles Lillie, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Office: Oxendine 1219
Phone: 910.521.6415
Email: lilliec@uncp.edu
Web Site: www.uncp.edu/home/lilliec/


Douglas McBroom, M.A.

Office: Oxendine 1230
Phone: 910.521.6667
Email: douglas.mcbroom@uncp.edu



Leszek Piatkiewicz

Leszek Piatkiewicz, Ph.D.

Office: Oxendine 1227
Phone: 910.521.6412
Email: leszek@uncp.edu
Web Site: http://math74.uncp.edu

Mary Russell

Mary Russell, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Office: Oxendine 1212
Phone: 910.521.6798
Email: mary.russell@uncp.edu
Web Site: www.uncp.edu/russellm/


Scott Turner, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Office: Oxendine 1214
Phone: 910.775.4128
Email: scott.turner@uncp.edu


Sarah WeathermanSafe Zone Image

Technology Support Technician, Web Information Coordinator
Office: Oxendine 1232
Phone: 910.775.4157
Email: sarah.weatherman@uncp.edu


Guo Wei

Guo Wei, Ph.D.

Office: Oxendine 1215
Phone: 910.521.6582
Email: guo.wei@uncp.edu
Web Site: www.uncp.edu/home/wei/


Mark White , M.S.

Office: Oxendine 1231
Phone: 910.775.4419
Email: mark.white@uncp.edu


Xin Zhang

Xin (Cynthia) Zhang, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Office: Oxendine 1217
Phone: 910.521.6519
Email: xin.zhang@uncp.edu
Web Site: www.uncp.edu/home/xzhang/



Laszlo Zsilinszky

Laszlo Zsilinszky, Ph.D.

Office: Oxendine 1223
Phone: 910.521.6768
Email: laszlo@uncp.edu
Web Site: www.uncp.edu/home/laszlo/webpage.htm


Additional Lecturers

Susan Hanby

Email: susan.hanby@uncp.edu

Mary Klinikowski

Email: mary.klinikowski@uncp.edu

Connie F. Locklear

Email: locklearc@uncp.edu

Holly W. McDow

Email: mcdowh@uncp.edu

Gale Sampson

Email: gale.sampson@uncp.edu



To learn more about the degrees offered by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, visit the following links from the UNCP Catalog.

  • Mathematics and Computer Science (HTML | PDF - requires Adobe Reader)
    • Mathematics, B.S.
      • Mathematics
      • Mathematics Education Licensure
    • Computer Science, B.S.
    • Infomation Technology, B.S.
  • Masters of Arts (HTML | PDF - requires Adobe Reader)
    • Mathematics Education , M.A.Ed.

Mathematics and Computer Science

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, through its established mission seeks to assist the University in the fulfillment of its mission throughout its service region.

From its early history the department has evolved into a vibrant multifaceted role of support of a liberal arts education; offering majors in mathematics and in computer science; providing service courses for other program areas and working cooperatively with the School of Education to develop licensure programs for prospective teachers in the areas of middle grades and secondary mathematics.

Through the Graduate Studies office the department also offers a Masters of Arts in Mathematics Education program (M.A.) in mathematics education. Click here for the Mathematics Graduate Program Handbook.

For more information about the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, call 910.521.6244, email mathcs@uncp.edu or visit us in the Oxendine Science Building, room 1233.


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