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Mathematics and Computer Science

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many contestants can a school sponsor?

    No more than 12 students from a school may participate in each category (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3). There is no minimum number of students.

  • How many questions are on the test, and are they multiple-choice?

    There are 40 multiple choice questions, each with 5 answer choices.

  • How long do contestants have to take the test?

    45 minutes.

  • What should contestants bring?

    Contestants should bring at least 2 sharpened #2 pencils. Pencils are not provided at the testing site.

    Calculator use is not permitted.

  • What about scratch paper?

    Contestants can write in the test booklet to do their work.

  • Should contestants indicate their answers in the test book?

    They may, but it is not required. Answers must be correctly selected on the Scantron answer sheet. Only properly filled-in answers on the answer sheet will be counted.

  • Must students be registered in teams of 4?

    No, contestants will compete as individuals if the number of students a school has registered is not a multiple of 4. Since the maximum number of students allowed from a school in each category is 12, a school may have up to 3 teams competing. A team must have 4 students.

    For example, if a school registers 3 students, they will compete as individuals. If a school registers 8 students, they will compete as 2 teams. A school that registers 10 students will have 2 teams and 2 individuals competing.

  • If contestants are competing as a team, do they also compete as individuals?

    Yes, every student in the contest competes as an individual, and will be scored and may be eligible to compete in the regional finals.

    There is no difference in the testing for contestants competing as individuals and those on teams. All contestants will complete the tests individually. The team score is calculated differently, as explained in the math contest rules here.


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Mathematics Contest Rules

A. Eligibility requirements

  1. Students must go to school in one of the following counties: Bladen, Brunswick, Columbus, Cumberland, Duplin, Harnett, Hoke, Lee, Moore, New Hanover, Pender, Richmond, Robeson, Sampson, or Scotland. Private schools and home schooled students from these counties are welcome too.
  2. A student may compete in the Level 1 division if he/she has been enrolled in Math 1 during the present academic year. A student may compete in the Level 2 division if he/she has been enrolled in Math 2 during the present academic year. A student may compete in the Level 3 division if he/she has been enrolled in Math 3 during the present academic year.
  3. Those students who are enrolled in the block or semester course are eligible to participate in either the test for the course in which they are currently enrolled or the course most recently completed, but not both.
  4. Those students who are repeating a course at any of the three levels are not eligible to participate in that competition.

B. Sponsor supervison

The school designated sponsor must accompany and be responsible for the students welfare and behavior.

C. Scoring

  1. An individual score is computed by the number of correct responses on the test taken.
  2. Individual tie-breakers are established by the weights assigned to each test item.
  3. A team score is calculated by adding the top three individual scores of the team.
  4. If teams tie, the score of the fourth team member is the first level tie-breaker.

D. Awards

  1. Each contestant will receive a certificate of participation. Please type the students' names on the FINAL REGISTRATION FORM exactly as they want them to appear on their certificates.
  2. The first three individual winners in each division will receive a plaque and a certificate.
  3. The first place team in each division, as determined by adding the top three scores from each school, will receive a trophy and a certificate.
  4. The second and third place teams will receive a plaque and a certificate.
  5. Up to 10% of individuals in each division will be eligible for regional finals.

D. Return the tests

The test in each area is changed substantially every year for obvious reasons. However, all copies of the test must be returned to the test administrators at the site.

E. Bring pencils

Each student should bring at least two sharpened #2 pencils. We will provide all paper. Calculator are not permitted.

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