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International Programs
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Visiting Scholar Program

UNCP International Programs  

globeFaculty members and
administrators from around the world
are invited to apply to UNCP’s International Programs innovative Visiting Scholar Program.


Deadlines: For Fall, 2014 - Applications must be received by March 15, 2014.


The initiative affords international scholars an economical academic opportunity to come to UNCP for a period of one year for research and study.  Participation numbers are limited, and selection is competitive. Priority is given to applicants from highly-active UNCP partner institutions.


The program gives accepted scholars access to UNCP’s library and research centers, the ability to observe classes for non-credit, opportunities for the improvement of English language proficiency and/or EFL methodology and pedagogy, engagement with UNCP students, faculty and administrators, as well as opportunities for cultural enrichment and for program-related group travel on the east coast of the United States, including New York City and Washington, D.C. International Programs also offers a wide variety of cultural events and opportunities, both on the UNCP campus and nearby.


US CapitalAccepted participants benefit from the professional services of UNCP’s International Programs office, which serves as their academic “home” during their stay at UNCP.  International Programs assists participants with visa matters, arranges special housing adjacent to the campus, offers a scheduled airport transfer service to and from Raleigh-Durham airport (RDU), and acts as participants’ liaison regarding course observation and research support.  Departmental liaisons also assist scholars with their study and research needs. 


Utilizing UNCP's library, research centers, and classrooms, participants conduct research throughout the semester.


All visiting scholars participate in an on-campus symposium at the end of the year.  At that time, participants give a brief overview of their experiences and the research conducted at UNCP. 


Upon the successful completion of all the Visiting Scholar program requirements (See summary below), participants are awarded a certificate of completion.


Please note that because of the specialized structure of the program - and so as to provide opportunities for as many qualified participants as possible each year - program participation is strictly limited to one year.


Basic Costs

Participants are responsible for the following costs (Subject to change):

  • Application fees and deposits.
  • Visa fees.
    • Note: J-2 visas are not supported on this program.
  • Health insurance (Required).
  • Round-trip airfare.
  • Housing and meals.
    • International Programs has arranged special housing nearby.
    • Housing includes kitchens, bathrooms, cable TV and Internet connections, plus washers and dryers in each apartment.
    • This campus housing is mandatory.
  • Independent travel.
    • Because of the specially-crafted and unique structure of the program, participants must respect the UNCP academic calendars, and limit independent travel to weekends and to established vacation breaks and holidays.
  • Purchased books and supplies.
  • Personal expenses.

Fee Structure


Fall Semester, 2013 (Estimated and subject to change)





Application Fee

US $     45.00


Administrative Fee

US $ 1,000.00

Airport transportation, cultural events, receptions, etc.

Housing (rent)

US $7,300.00*

Estimated rent for 12 months

Housing (deposit)

US $   150.00

Security deposit

Health Insurance

US $   750.00

Health insurance for 12 months


US $ 9,245.00

Total excludes meals**, miscellaneous personal expenses, and independent personal or optional GLI travel.

** Rent based on full occupancy of 4 bedroom suite, and based on 2012-2013 academic year.
** In addition to being able to cook at the apartment with a full kitchen (stove/oven, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher are provided; cooking utensils are not provided), visiting scholars can purchase meal plans at university cafeteria: 10 meals per week ($1,225 per semester), 12 meals per week ($1,550per semester), and 14 meals per week ($1,640.00 per semester).


Airport Transfers

International Programs provides two (2) complimentary airport transfers for Visiting Scholar Program participants: One (1) at the beginning of the UNCP fall academic semester for which the paricipant has been accepted, and another at the conclusion of the program year.


Please further note the following:

  • These free transfers are only available for the transfers scheduled by International Programs. Specialized arrangements are not possible.
  • Participants will be notified of the free transfer dates when they receive their acceptance packets.
  • Participants are requested to schedule their airline arrivals and departures in strict accordance with the International Programs airport transfer schedules only.
  • NOTE: Participants requiring airport transfers on dates other than those established by International Programs will have to make their own airport transfer arrangements, and are responsible for any costs and expenses incurred. Similarly, International Programs regrets that it cannot provide airport transfers for independent travel undertaken by participants.
  • Because of the distance from UNCP to the various North Carolina airports, and a shortage of public transportation options in and around Pembroke, it is strongly recommended that participants avail themselves of the free transfers offered by International Programs.

Program Completion Summary


The Visiting Scholar Program completion includes, but is not limited to, the following required elements:

  • Visiting Scholar Orientationseminar
  • Welcome Reception
  • Selection, completion and presentation of research topic.
  • Classroom observations
  • Appointments with Program Coordinator
  • Participation in university events sponsored by International Programs
    • Example: International Education Week
  • Visiting Scholar closing (certificate) ceremony
  • Farewell Reception.

Application and Selection Process

  1. Download, complete and submit fully-completed Visiting Scholar application by deadline.
  • Applications which are incomplete at the deadline will be rejected.
  • All applications must include a current photo.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that applications are complete in all details and are received by the deadline.
  1. Finalists will be contacted for a Skype video interview.
  2. Accepted applicants will be sent a packet of documents, including the necessary U.S. entry visa paperwork.
  3. Apply for U.S. entry visa.

Application Forms (Pdf. Links open in new windows)


Application in US-sized (8.5) paper format.

Application in A4-sized paper format.



  • 2013 - 2014
    • For Fall of 2013: March 15, 2013

It is highly recommended that participants bring a laptop computer. Once registered, participants may access the UNCP network.


More Information? Email