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International Programs
UNCP Home Student Services International International Programs Policies Procedures for F-1 Students Transferring out from UNCP to another school in the USA
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Procedures for F-1 Students Transferring out from UNCP to another school in the USA


1.1 If you are transferring from UNCP to another U.S. school, you must follow the procedures outlined below:
1.2 Notify the UNCP Center for International Programs that you wish to transfer to another institution in the US and provide proof of acceptance.  


2.1 Enter into SEVIS your intent to transfer from UNCP to your new institution
2.2 Enter into SEVIS a “transfer release date”
2.3 Complete the Transfer-Out Form


3.1 Send the Transfer-Out Form to your new institution’s designated international office and provide them copies of your pertinent immigration-related documents. We cannot transfers your I-20 until we have the following documents:

3.1.1 A copy of the official acceptance letter from your new institution
3.1.2 The School Code of your new institution
3.1.3 Completed Transfer-Out Form

3.2 Please note that we cannot transfer your I-20 until you have provided a “Transfer Release Date”.
3.3 Please note that your transfer school will not be able to issue you a new I-20 until the transfer release date.


4.1 Please note that if you decide to cancel your school transfer you must notify the Center for International Programs before your transfer release date. Once the transfer release date has been reached, UNCP will no longer have access to your SEVIS record.
4.2 Please note that if you are on OPT, transferring to a new program will automatically cause your OPT to cancel if still valid.