International Programs

International Education Week

International Education Week

November 13 - 18, 2017

International Education Week (IEW) is a yearly event co-sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education to celebrate international education and exchange, and to prepare students and future leaders to thrive in the global environment.

At UNCP, we celebrate IEW by planning a variety of fun and educational activities intended to bring the campus and community together and to educate students and community participants about current global issues. 


International Education Week 2017

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Monday - Friday, November 13 - 17   -   IEW Information Fair 
Stop by to speak to students, faculty, and staff about their experiences abroad, to receive tips and information about traveling and living abroad, and to discover the opportunities UNCP offers to students would like to study abroad. 
UC Mall
11 AM to 2:30 PM


Monday, November 13   -   International Food Festival
Eat lunch in the cafeteria today to enjoy some new dishes from a variety of countries and cultures. Recipes will be provided by the international campus community.
11 AM to 2 PM
UC Dining Hall


Tuesday, November 14   -   Trivia Night
What do you know about geography? Culture? History? Science? Music? Films? In honor of International Education week we will be quizzing your international knowledge. So gather your team of 2 to 3 people, and show us what you know. And remember, the more diverse your team, the higher you will score.
Snacks for everyone and prizes for the winners!
UC Lounge
7:30 PM


Wednesday, November 15   -   Braves Dialogue
Topic: "I Am Between" A Discussion about Immigrant Identities
Facilitated by Dr. Ki Chae, Assistant Professor of Counseling
Co-sponsored with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Immigrants are more than their legal status. They are people with individual identities, and they approach their immigration experiences with different histories, goals, and struggles. Join us as we discuss the personal identities of immigrants, share stories, and explore the impact  immigration has on those who choose to immigrate. 
UC 251
3:30 PM


Thursday, November 16   -  Black and Abroad
Join the discussion and hear from other students about what it is like for students of color to live and study abroad. Ask questions, share concerns, and receive helpful tips for navigating your study abroad experience. 
This event will be facilitated by Kayla Hill from Wofford College. She will be sharing from her personal experiences as a black person studying abroad. 
Dial 225
3:00 PM


Thursday, November 16   -   International Film Night
Co-sponsored with the Offices of Diversity and Inclusion and Student Involvement and Leadership
We will be showing The Visitor, which tells the story of Walter, a bored professor, who encounters a couple living in his apartment when he comes to NYC for a conference. After a tense beginning, he discovers that Tarek and Zainab are immigrants who have been "renting" his apartment from a dishonest opportunist and that they have nowhere else to go. So, Walter invites them to stay, and stays on in the city in order to get to know them better. Their new friendship is cut short, however, when Tarek is arrested by mistake and threatened with deportation. The Visitor is a story about new relationships and taking the time to care about others. 
UC Lounge
7:30 PM


Friday, November 17   -   International Festival
Join us for the International Festival!
Come to share cultures, to enjoy international traditions, and to have fun.
UC Lounge
11:30 AM to 2:00 PM


Thank you Katie Floyd from the UNCP Art Department for designing the International Education Week poster above.