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Exchange Student Information

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We are glad that you have chosen to spend the next semester or academic year with us, and we look forward to sharing UNC Pembroke's unique culture with you while you are here.

The information on this page is specifically for students who are attending UNCP through an exchange agreement with their home universities. All other international students should seek information in the Current Students section of our website.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


I need help with my schedule! Who should I contact?

The study abroad coordinator will help students with the enrollment process. You may also be directed to an academic advisor in the Center for Student Success.


What are the requirements for registration?

Exchange students must take a minimum of 12 hours of instruction (9 hours for graduate students) each semester they are at UNCP. This is an immigration requirement for J-1 students.


Can I change my class schedule after the semester has begun?

Students may change their class schedule until the end of the drop/add period. You can find this date on UNCP's academic calendar. Remember that you must meet the registration requirements when the drop/add period is complete and that it can be very difficult to find classes after the semester has begun. Students should also be aware that they will be responsible for any course material that they may miss before they are enrolled in the class.


Who is my academic advisor?

Exchange students do not have academic advisors at UNCP. All enrollment questions should be directed to the study abroad coordinator.


Finances and Payments:

Why does my account show that I have to pay for tuition? I thought that was covered by my school's exchange agreement.

The Bursar's office will correct exchange students' accounts at the end of the drop/add period (see above). Before this time, your account will show that you owe all of the costs of being a student at UNCP. If your account is not corrected after the drop/add period, please contact the study abroad coordinator for assistance.


I am getting emails saying that I need to pay my bill, but the amount is wrong. What should I do?

The emails you are receiving are automatically generated. You may go ahead and pay the amount you will owe when your account is corrected (see above), or you may wait until your account is corrected. Your classes will not be dropped due to non-payment.


Where should I pay?

You can pay online or in the Bursar's Office (on the first floor of Lumbee Hall).


Do I have to pay the entire amount at once?

There are payment plans available. The Bursar's Office will be happy to help you set one up at the begining of the semester.


What are the payment deadlines for exchange students?

You should pay as soon as possible after your account is corrected. 

  • If you are staying for a second semester, your account must be paid before you can register for spring classes.
  • Your account must also be paid before the registrar's office will send your transcript at the end of your program.

I am planning to pay with my student loans from home, but they will not give me the money until later. What should I do?

Contact the Study Abroad Coordinator or Program Coordinator in International Programs for assistance. You will need to provide proof that your loan company will send you the money at a later date. You should also provide the dates when they will pay. An advance payment may be required.


Where should I pay my housing deposit?

Students who are able to do so should contact the housing office before they arrive.

If you were unable to pay before you arrived, the housing office is located on the first floor of Belk Hall. Please pay this deposit as soon as possible.



J-1 scholars are required to have medical insurance while in the United States according to immigration regulations.


Am I required to pay for insurance at UNCP if I already have insurance from home (or through ISEP)?

All international students are required to purchase Student Blue Insurance through UNCP.


Why do I have to pay for UNCP's health insurance?

UNCP is located in a rural area where health care providers are not used to receiving international insurance. In the past, students with international insurance have been forced to pay very large bills out of pocket when their insurance was not accepted for a medical procedure. As a result, UNCP requires international students to purchase Student Blue insurance in order to save them from economic hardship due to unpaid medical bills while they are studying abroad.


The End of Your Program

What do I need to give International Programs?

All departing students should fill out a Departure Form and Exit Survey, which can be found on the Forms page.

Departing exchange students should also fill out a transcript request form. (See below.)


How do I get a transcript for my home university?

UNCP will provide one free copy of your transcript to your home university at the end of your program.

Fill out a transcript request form and send bring it to International Programs during the last month you are here. (Use this pre-filled request form to make the process easier. Fill in all of the highlighted sections.)

We will mail your transcripts to your school once they have been issued.


Do I have to pay for the transcript to be sent to my home university?

No, exchange students receive one transcript for their home university free of charge.


How should I fill out the transcript request form?

You may use this pre-filled request form in order to make the process easier. Fill in all of the highlighted sections.


Where should I turn in my transcript request form?

All exchange student transcript requests should be brought to International Programs.


When will International Programs send my transcript?

International Programs will normally send student's transcripts within the month after they leave.

In order for a transcript to be be sent:

  • The student must fill out and sign a transcript request form and turn it into International Programs.
  • The student's account must be completely paid.
  • The student must not have any holds on their account. If you need assistance removing a hold, contact International Programs.

International Programs will also normally collect housing refund checks and send them to the student's school along with their transcript in order to avoid additional postage charges for the student.


Why has my school not received my transcript?

  1. Confirm that your account is completely paid. The registrar's office will not issue a transcript if a student owes on their student account.
  2. Confirm that you do not have any holds on your account. If you need assistance removing a hold, contact International Programs.
  3. Transcripts will normally be mailed about one month after the end of the semester. Confirm that enough time has passed for your transcript to be shipped and received. 
  4. Feel free to contact international programs if you believe your transcript should have already arrived. We are happy to find out if something has delayed shipping or to forward you a tracking number, if needed.


Contacting International Programs

Who is my primary contact person in International Programs?

The Study Abroad Coordinator should be your first contact. If they are unavailable, the Program Associate should be able to help. 


What is the best way to contact International Programs?

Email is normally the easiest way to communicate with the staff of International Programs. We will communicate with your UNCP email address.

If you need to ask a complicated question or would like to meet face-to-face, it is best to email for an appointment. This will ensure that the person you want to see is available when you come and will allow them to make sure they have enough time to answer your questions.


Additional Information is available for all International Students in the Current Students section of our website.