International Programs

Current Students

At International Programs, every student’s success is important to us, and with careful planning, good decisions, effective communication, hard work, adequate resources, and a supportive environment, we most certainly hope you can have a rewarding experience at UNCP.

We believe that academic success, as well as success in cultivating cross-cultural skills while you are in the United States, begins with proper planning and preparation before you arrive at UNCP, understanding your own rights and responsibilities - as a member of the UNCP community and as an international student in the United States- and achieving a healthy balance among all the competing demands on your time while you are here.

International students will need to know the relevant reporting requirements required by Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS), maintain fulltime enrollment, obtain the proper forms and approvals before taking certain academic actions or beginning employment, and communicate closely with both academic and international advisors throughout their program. Students should read the pertinent sections of this website and discuss any questions or concerns with an immigration advisor in the International Programs Office before changing curriculum, changing immigration status, registering for less than fulltime enrollment, transferring to another school, planning to extend program end dates on immigration documents, or withdrawing. Most of the important immigration regulations and processes that affect your ability to stay in the US in a student status – both academic and employment related – can be found in the links in the left-hand side bar.

Current students will want to visit the Helpful Links section to find links to important campus resources.