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Invitation Procedure: Foreign Visiting, or Exchange, Short-term UNCP Faculty



1) Obtain approval.

2) Draft a letter of invitation that should include intent regarding compensation, lodging arrangements, etc.  You should also consider transportation, grocery shopping, meal cards, etc. in advance as these can be very problematic on a campus in a rural setting. 

  • Share your draft with the appropriate dean for preliminary approval and then with the International Programs for visa advice
  • It is advisable to discuss the terms of the visiting foreign or exchange faculty as much as 5 months in advance so that the proper visa application can be identified and processed. 
  • All funding arrangements for compensation and other expenses including account codes should be identified and approved in advance. 
  • The letter of invitation is then submitted to the International Programs Office so that it can be issued with an information package to the visa applicant. 
  • Do not mail the letter of invitation to the applicant.  It must first be reviewed by the International Programs office.  Compliance is equally important for foreign visitors already in the US.

Incoming short-term faculty will be treated the same as adjunct faculty and Academic Affairs will require the following documents in advance.  You should also share a copy of the proposed contract with the International Programs Office. 

  1. Résumé/Vita.
  2. Original Transcripts—these credentials may need to be translated into English by a third party service such as WES (
  3. Application (on website, application for academic position)


  1. 3 letters of reference
  2. Deans over each department are to complete the contracts--unless there is a significant distance education component, for example 50% or more.  In that event, the Associate Provost for Outreach is to prepare the contract. 

Upon arrival, the visiting faculty member should provide to Human Resources:

  1. A completed contract signed by all parties
  2. A social security card (or proof of application in process)
  3. A completed I-9 form
  4. A completed Foreign Visitors Information Form
  5. Original passport, visa, I-94 departure card

Within 3 days of beginning work, all forms MUST be completed, submitted, and on file with Human Resources.  (Only the social security card may be applied for and pending.)