International Programs
International Programs

Inviting an International Scholar

Visiting Scholars:

  • Bring enrichment and expertise to UNCP

  • Gain professional experience and knowledge

  • Collaborate with UNCP faculty and academic departments

  • Contribute to UNCP's global outreach and involvement


Visiting scholar programs and activities are driven by the academic department or unit that makes the request.  Once a department decides to invite a scholar, International Programs is here to facilitate the process and provide advisement to the incoming international scholar.


Requesting a Scholar

Initial Requests should be made to the department chair or to the head of the academic unit that the visiting scholar will be working with while they are at UNCP. Any UNCP faculty member or interested international scholar may make this request.

The DS-2019 Request Form and Letter of Invitation should be completed and sent to the director of International Programs.


DS-2019 Request Form

Part A- To be completed by the exchange visitor

Part B- To be completed by the sponsoring academic department


The Letter of invitation should include the following information:

  • The dates of the program
  • The purpose of the visit (for example: details about the research project, etc.)
  • The name of the scholar's mentor
  • The details of the agreement (for example: what will UNCP be providing for the scholar, what will the scholar be taking care of, etc.)


Designing and Approving a Program

After a request is approved, the department chair or the head of the academic unit will direct the planning process.  They, or an assigned member of their department, will coordinate with the incoming scholar to design a program of action.  This program should include the specific scholarly product to be produced and/or the study or professional development activity to be implemented.  It should also include details regarding the time frame of the visit and the daily schedule of activities.  Finally, the plan must identify a departmental or unit colleague responsible for coordination and supervision of the implementation of the plan.

The completed plan should be approved by the department chair or the head of the academic unit. Once this approval has been secured, it should be approved by the Academic Dean and the Provost for final approval.  A copy of these approvals should be provided to International Programs.


Bringing an International Scholar to UNCP

The sponsoring department or unit and the visiting scholar will work with International Programs to insure that the correct steps are taken for the scholar's visa application and for any other specialized arrangements and support services that will be necessary.  The host department or unit will be responsible for the academic, cultural, and logistical elements of the visit, including housing and airport transfer and any associated costs.

International scholars are welcome to join previously scheduled airport shuttles and cultural activities planned by International Programs when they fit within their schedules. Information about the airport shuttle schedule can be found HERE, and information about upcoming International Programs Events can be found HERE.


UNCP Department Checklist


Program Evaluations

In order for international scholars to maintain their immigration status, the sponsoring academic department or unit on campus should provide International Programs with a mid-term evaluation and scholars should present a final presentation at the end of their program.


Please provide International Programs with the following forms at the middle and end of the scholar's program:

Midterm Evauluation Form

Final Presentation Form