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International Programs
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Create a Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program

Thank you for your interest in planning a faculty-led study abroad or study away program (FLSA). Please download this brief presentation to get started. After reading the presentation, please schedule a one-on-one meeting with the Study Abroad Coordinator 9-10 months before your planned trip.

The proposal and plan forms, due dates, and manual are listed below. The manual is very detailed and has information about potential third-party providers to use for your experience. Additionally, our Study Abroad Coordinator welcomes your questions and can be contacted at


FLSA Proposal


FLSA Manual
*Word versions of the above links are available upon request.


Deadlines for Submission

When is the trip?

Proposal Due

Plan Due

Winter Break

9 months prior

September 1

Spring Break

9 months prior

December 1


9 months prior

January 15


9 months prior

March 31